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Human Rights Festival 2018-Athens, GA

There is a human rights festival every year in Athens. This years was typical, I suppose.

On Saturday it was, for all intents and purposes an LCBTQ fest, complete with drag queens and an MC that asked the crowd how many straight people, homosexuals, lesbians, tri-sexuals and freaks were in the audience, to cheers from the crowd. As the Professor (Rich) said, it was “a case study in Romans 1” on display right in front of us. Due to the noise level we did not preach but had signs speaking to the rights of the unborn. The signs generated some good conversations. I had one such conversation with a gentleman that seemed to be prompted, by my sign, to consider the rights of the unborn. It seems, in the good ole USofA, we have so “normalized” abortion and “de-humanized” the unborn that people have to be reminded the “fetus” is an actual human being before they can even rightly think about what abortion is, the murder of a child. Hopefully our presence, at least, created some thought in the minds of a society that has numbed itself to the plight of the unborn babies.


I had another long conversation with a man, his name escapes me, that was very reasonable but could not commit to unborn babies having the right to life, especially when it came to cases of rape. I agreed with him that it would be a tough situation but the question remains, should a child be executed for the crimes of his father?


On Sunday I was back at the festival with Rich, Chike and Mike. Bobby also stopped by for a few minutes after his return from Kentucky. Sunday was not like Saturday at all. There were bands and climate change speakers and also an open mic time where they gave people 3 minutes to talk about whatever they wanted. Rich actually had 3 minutes to share a bit about his journey from Atheist UGA professor to Christian Apologist. There was also a lady who spoke about how we have known that extraterrestrials have been visiting us since 1900 and that we have the technology to time travel. Like I said, 3 minutes to speak about anything you wanted.


There was a speaker who gave a lot of statistics, one of which was the number of people that would die due to climate change. Although I am no expert, I have to wonder how that can even be scientifically predicted, with any reasonable amount of accuracy. There was also a sign on the stage during the entire festival that read, “STOP ALL WARS”. Now that may seem like a good idea, but I think it implies and assumes a lot. First, it implies that there is no such thing as a just war. If they could speak, I believe there are 6 million or so jews that would beg to differ. The assumption is that ALL wars are evil and could, and should, be avoided. There is another implication that , as a veteran, I take offense to. Now, I’m not a snowflake and didn’t have to go find a safe place to cry through it, but I was offended by this sign because it also implies that all soldiers are warmongering murderers. I believe it is well known that nobody hates war more that a combat veteran. They have a first hand experience to speak from. When they say “we should never go to war”, I take that to heart, because they are speaking from an experiential position and not from an agenda driven one. I will say, the festival organizers certainly have a right to have the sign and think and say what they want.

Chike and I got to preach on the corner of College and Clayton during the festival on Sunday. I had a couple of ladies stop buy as I was preaching. One told me I should wear white instead of black because it shines the light better. Not sure what that really means. The other asked me if I thought the festival was all evil. I assured her that wasn’t the case, but did tell her that the Saturday night event was certainly a perversion of God’s design. She asked why and I explained that the entire night was a parade of homosexual perversion on the stage. She seemed puzzled, which puzzled me, since she had just told me a few minutes earlier that she was a minister. That’s a pretty broad term these days, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised.

The overall take away for me was that the event, at least for the hours I was there, totally ignored the unborn children we slaughter at the rate of over 3800 per day. They do not seem to have any rights, and yet, society demands special rights for the LGBTQ community.

Rich was correct. The festival, at least on Saturday night, was nothing more than Romans 1 on display.  

Footnote: I was informed by a person on the festival’s facebook page that there were in fact pro-life folks there and I believe they even had some time to speak from the stage. This had to have happened when we were not present, but I will take them at their word. I have no reason not to.

Until All Hear!


Samford vs UGA Saturday 9/16/17

Inline image 2

Kickoff was at 7:40 PM on Saturday so we arrived at the stadium around 4:30 PM and set up our equipment. We had a few new faces this week. Billy from Clemson joined us as well as Scott’s daughters. Scott, Chike and I preached as everyone else gave away Gospel tracts on the bridge. There was a lot of foot traffic, which increased as kickoff time drew closer. Hundreds, possibly thousands, heard the Gospel proclaimed for three hours, with many receiving Gospel tracts.Inline image 1

Although having one on one conversations can be a challenge before the games, there were a few on this Saturday. Before we began preaching a young man came and let us know that he was a Christian and a UGA student. He informed us that the students didn’t like preachers that come on campus and yell hate speech at them. We asked him to define what he meant by hate speech but he couldn’t seem to articulate what he meant and said he used the wrong term. Apparently it was “Hellfire and Brimstone preaching” that was offensive. Again, we asked him to define what he meant by that, and again he couldn’t articulate his definition of Hellfire and Brimstone.  Finally, Scott asked him what exactly was said that was offensive to him and again he couldn’t really explain himself. At this point Scott explained to him he was actually being offensive by coming up with his unsubstantiated accusations. I left the conversation at this point and heard the young man apologizing to Scott. To be clear, we are not against constructive criticism, but when you can’t even explain what you are criticizing, well, it isn’t very constructive.

It also seemed to be Mormon day at the stadium. Chike engaged two young Mormon girls and did an excellent job showing them how the Mormon church’s teachings contradicted Scripture. They talked for a while and were very polite young ladies.

Inline image 3Later, three young men, sporting “elder” name tags and the traditional white shirts and ties, came over as Chike was preaching and wanted a picture with him, to which he declined. All five of these young Mormons seemed to put forth the idea that, “Hey, we’re Christian too” which is really what lead into the discussion about the differences between the Mormon cult and Christianity. Finally, as Chike was wrapping up, right before kickoff, a young man who wasn’t dressed as a traditional Mormon came over and began to tell me how we only had two Testaments and we needed the Book of Mormon. I attempted to strike up a conversation with him, by asking him who wrote the Book of Mormon, but he was only interested in repeating his “You need the Book of Mormon” mantra over and over again.

It was a wonderful day of evangelism and fellowship! We are thankful for the Saints who came by with words of encouragement and thankful for Scott’s daughters coming out!  Please pray for the young Mormons and everyone who received the Gospel!

Until All Hear!


The Rabbit. How God Used a Bunny to Start a Witnessing Encounter!

gameWe were outside NGR stadium doing evangelism, before Super Bowl LI, when a lady and two kids walked up to our ministry location with a rabbit in a stroller. A conversation began between myself and the lady after I had asked her about the rabbit and mentioned that my daughter also had one. She told me the rabbit wanted to get out and stretch it’s legs. Now, how the rabbit communicated this to the lady is a mystery to me. The only thing I am kind of sure of is that God must have instructed this rabbit to stretch his legs at our precise location. I mean, we are outside the stadium where the Super Bowl is about to start and this rabbit brings his owner right over to where the street preachers are set up and suddenly needs to get out of his stroller and stretch his legs. Had to be a God orchestrated encounter, right?


After we discussed rabbits for a few minutes I asked her if she was a believer and she said she was and went on to tell me how they had been going to church for about three years. As the conversation progressed I found out she had been raised Catholic and her view seemed to be one of working your way to heaven by church attendance and learning more about God. Those are great things to do but they can’t forgive you of sin or give you eternal life.

She was a really nice lady and we had a great conversation. I was able to explain how we had to repent and trust Jesus for forgiveness because our sin debt had to be paid for and either the payment Jesus made is applied to our account, through repentance and faith, or we have to pay our own sin debt in hell for eternity. She asked me to repeat part of what I said so we went through it again and she said it made sense but she had a question.
sbHer question is a very popular one and a very good one. It didn’t seem right to her that people in places where they were not told about Jesus, she used North Korea for an example, would go to hell. We went back through the reason people go to hell. We agreed that it isn’t because they haven’t heard about Jesus but because of their sin and discussed Romans 1 and how God has revealed himself through the creation so nobody has an excuse. She was satisfied with the answer and said she had been wondering about that.

After we talked I believe she had a better understanding of the Gospel and how to be forgiven. It was almost like she had came to us for that very reason.  I asked her if I could pray with her and she agreed, so we prayed and I gave her a Gospel tract and encouraged her to contact me if she had any questions or needed help in any way. Pray for her and her family!

God used a rooster and a donkey, so we shouldn’t be surprised He used a rabbit to bring a lady to hear the Gospel!16734962_10210062664815860_699051353_o

Until All Hear!


II Corinthians 5:21

The Broken Umbrella Incident…and other happenings April 2016

After the Super Bowl trip to San Francisco it was difficult to get back in the groove, ministry wise. I guess I just let life get in the way or maybe I just needed some time to back up and reflect.


The first Friday night was rainy and we didn’t really think there would be many people out in Athens.  As it happened, we had a pretty interesting night. As I began to preach, a young man walked up and asked some questions about the trustworthiness of the Bible so I stopped preaching and began to discuss the matter with him. As we were talking another young man came up and started interjecting things that were not really relevant to the conversation. Then another guy came up and got right up in my space saying crazy stuff. So my conversation began with a young man who had sincere questions, got off track with a guy trying to get it off topic and ended with a guy who made no sense at all.

Anyway, Peter began talking with the first two guys and I was left with the other guy. I was still standing on my stool and as we were talking he gave me a gentle push but not hard enough to push me off the stool. At that point I thought it was a good idea to step down, so I did. He called me everything from a pig farmer to things I cannot say here, but I tried to hang in there to get to the Gospel. At another point he pushed me again off of the edge of the curb but it was a weird almost gentle push like he was testing the water. He had already told me a couple of times that he wanted to punch me and each time I asked him why he wanted to be violent when we were just having a conversation and he would calm down and continue the conversation. Finally I thought we were getting somewhere as he opened up and told me he was a good child until his parents split up and then everything went to hell. I lovingly tried to get him to see that he was responsible for his own actions and was accountable to God for his sin but he kept blaming everything on his parents. I tried to help him understand and at some point I guess he got angry and decided to take a swing at me.  I was holding an umbrella because of the rain and his fist struck the umbrella which absorbed most of the shock and then either the umbrella or his fist made contact with my jaw. At that point I knew our conversation was over. The first young man I was talking with saw it and came over and helped me scoot the guy on down the road. Although the next day I felt kind of like a wuss for not retaliating, I know it was not the right thing to do in this case. I wasn’t even sure the guy didn’t have a mental issue. I was mostly upset because he bent my umbrella. That was a first. In the 7 years I’ve been going to Athens and the time before that in Arizona I have never been punched.

So the other guy and I began to talk again. We discussed all sorts of things, but his main thing was that he wasn’t sure he could trust the Bible. We exchanged contact info because I wanted to send him a book to help him investigate the reliability of the Bible. So a couple of days later, I sent a text, asking for his address so I could send him the book. He responded and I was able to mail him an Evidence for Christianity book, a Hell’s Best Kept Secret CD and a 180 movie DVD. I checked in the next week to make sure he received the package and he did.  I pray God uses it to help him see the trustworthiness of the word of God. That was another first. I’ve given my info to countless young people over the years but have never really had them respond, until now. I guess it just took a punch in the face 🙂

The very next week I was able to talk to a young man who had been hurt by his church. He began by yelling at the preacher who asked me to go talk with him.  He felt like God had betrayed him because of the way the people in his church had treated him. We talked for a while and he asked me if I would pray that God would reveal Himself to him for 14 days. I agreed and promised to text him everyday so he would know I was praying for him. Everyday I prayed for him, sent a text letting him know, along with some encouraging Scripture. On day 11 I heard from him when he sent me a text and thanked me. He also told me he was going to start going to church with a friend. On the 14th day I let him know I would stop blowing his phone up every morning but that I was still praying for him and I was here if he needed anything. What had not happened in 7 years of ministry happened twice in 2 weeks.

The moral of the story is, Never, Ever Give Up!


The next week was pretty non eventful for me but this past Friday was interesting. Being earth day there was a concert in downtown Athens so there were some different folks out. I met a guy who called himself Peter the Rock. This Peter claimed to be a disciple of mother earth and then claimed to be a disciple of Jesus. Later in the evening he came back by and told me I was a good man and said he would lead me in the right direction. I thanked him for the offer but told him that was Jesus’ job and I would just stick with Him.

Earlier in the evening as Scott was preaching a woman came over and was extremely upset because Scott said Jesus was God. She kept yelling that the Bible said He was the son of God so He was not God. Several of the guys tried to speak with her about that but she just kept yelling and would not listen. Funny thing, a man with her, who was trying to get her to leave finally told us we needed to shut up and move on, but we had been there for a hour or so and she came to us. Shouldn’t she be the one moving along? That happens a lot. People will come and get angry with us and instead of just going on down the street will insist we need to leave. These are usually the tolerant folks who believe everyone should be able to do whatever they like, well, except for us. 🙂


There was another woman that came over and told us we were not to judge according to Romans 2:1 which states, “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.” Like Matthew 7, which is also quoted to us, this is speaking of hypocrisy when read in context. The thing that is interesting is this woman was doing the very thing she was accusing us of doing, which is usually the case.

On Saturday the 23rd, there was a nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood and I was able to join Bobby, Hannah and Scott in Lawrenceville for this. Bobby is at Planned Parenthood almost every week pleading with women not to take their babies into the murder mill known as Planned Parenthood. Although there is hard video evidence that Planned Parenthood not only kills babies but sells their body parts, people still support them.


Possibly the saddest part of the thing was the counter protest by PP. They had a huge banner that said, “Healthcare Happens Here.” Others were holding signs that read, “Stand Up for Choice” and “Don’t Take Away My Care”. First of all, killing babies is NOT healthcare.  Second, what about the baby’s choice? Third, If Planned Parenthood closed its doors there would still be real healthcare provided for women.  What the sign really means is “Don’t take away my right to have my baby murdered.”


50 Gray ISIS shades of Homosexuality

dscn4379.jpgA movie about sex and bondage has many up in arms, while others defend it as a wonderful love story that just happens to include sex and bondage.  While I can certainly understand the outcry for Christian women, and men,  to avoid this film, I think it may be a late response to an issue that has been going on so long many fail to see the problem.  It is similar to the old frog in a pot of water where the temperature is slowly turned up until he boils, without even realizing what has happened.  You see for years Hollyweird has been slowly pushing the limits on sensuality in the television and  film industry.  Remember Ricky and Lucy who, even though they were married, slept in separate beds?  While those days may have portrayed life as a little more conservative than was reality, today we have gone way passed the calm medium.  Average tv shows now paraded sex  as a natural instinct that is neither sacred or confined in any way.  Characters sleep with whoever they like as if they are a pack of animals that just need a sex fix, with no regard for the emotional and spiritual aspects of such acts.  The train came off the proverbial track long ago and because of society being bombarded so often, like the frog, many do not see that there is anything wrong.  We have been simmered in sin so long, we cannot discern that we are in trouble and if we do not wake up, like the frog, we will be boiled.
Isis works as the self-proclaimed instrument of allah, the god of Islam, but there is only one true God and it isn’t him.  Some in our nation help this rebellion against the one true God with idiotic statements  and suggestions.  They are justified by our own president when he likens them to be no worse than the folks who fought in the Crusades.  He failed to mention of course the Crusades were a direct response to an Islamic invasion.  It seems, in the eyes of the president, Islam can do no wrong.  Another government official at the State Department even suggested we could not stop the terrorists by killing them but by giving them jobs.  This is yet another attempt to blame the horrific acts of ISIS on society, or more importantly on the United States, making us responsible for their evil deeds.   On the other hand, many of us are outraged at the ISIS situation yet are fine with the daily slaughter of 3500 babies right here in the United States but that will have to wait.

Finally, homosexuality is consistently being paraded as normal, as Christians such as Judge Roy Moore are made to be villains, because they stand on Scripture.  This may have been more prominent to me because the latest attack has happened in my beloved home state of Alabama.  I have even witnessed Christians who will defend the parading homosexuals, telling other Christians to stop judging the person who lives the lifestyle.  These Christians should know that God has already judged homosexuality and every other sin as evil.  Simply pointing it out and begging the sinner to repent and trust the Savior is seen as hateful and judgmental, even by many people who claim to belong to Christ.  One said it was not showing the love of Christ to tell homosexuals they were wrong.  Letting anyone walk off into eternity thinking they are okay, when hell awaits them, is ultimate hatred.

All of this is rooted in the fact that man is a slave to and loves sin.  The light has come into the world but the darkness rejected it because it loved it’s evil deeds. (John 3:19)

Repent and trust the Savior today!

Until All Hear!


It’s Football Season!

It’s football season! DCIM100GOPRO You might think this is a strange way to begin a ministry blog so let me explain.  While I am a football fan, my excitement is not born out of a desire to watch my favorite teams play.  In fact I may not watch a game all year, since we do not have cable in our home.  Okay,  I will probably find a way to watch a few games. I am excited none the less because of the great opportunity football season creates!  For example, our local university has a stadium that holds around 93,000 fans.  Although they do not invite me in to preach to the crowd J, all of those fans must get inside the stadium.  By placing myself strategically, I can place the Gospel in the hands of hundreds of people in a very short amount of time, through Gospel tracts.  There is also an awesome opportunity to share through preaching in the open air to hundreds and possibly thousands of people, as they walk by.  That is what really gets me excited about football season!

The fall semester has also started at the University of Georgia, therefore, the crowd in downtown Athens has grown.  On a typical Friday night 3-5 of us will gather on the corner of College and Clayton in the downtown district, or more accurately the bar district.  One of us will start the open air preaching of the Gospel while the others pass out Gospel tracts or talk with people.  The open air proclamation not only sends the Gospel forth but causes some to stop and talk.  There is a broad range of comments and conversations but I want to tell you about one I had last Friday.

I was the first person to preach thaMe 9.5.14t night and I decided to begin by reading James.  As I was reading, a young couple walks up to me so I stopped reading and engaged them.  They had been drinking but were very nice and even encouraging.

The young man began to tell me where he went to church and run down a list of things he had been trying to fix about himself including his next area to tackle which was drinking.

Me Reading College and Clayton

He told me he drank on Saturday nights and his girlfriend looked at him and said, “it’s Friday”.  After a short pause he looked at me and said, “ok, I drink on Fridays and Saturdays.”  After I listened to them for a bit I discovered that at least the young man was attempting to be good enough to be accepted by God, which is impossible.  I wanted to shift the conversation so I began to take them through some of the commandments.  They both admitted they had violated God’s law and when I asked them if they would be innocent or guilty when they stood before God, they both said guilty.  The next question was, “should God send you to Heaven or Hell?”  The young man immediately said hell but the young lady who was a Catholic would not answer.  In fact, she began to go off on a rant of sorts telling me some people go to church for the wrong reason, etc., etc.  That is a tactic some use when the heat is getting a little too hot and they do not want to continue the conversation but it’s important to bring them back to the matter at hand.  Their eternal destiny depends on it so I interrupted her and said, “you didn’t answer the question, should God send you to Heaven or Hell?”  At this point her boyfriend had the sudden urge to get a hotdog and told her he would be right back.  In hind sight I wished I had let him go so I could concentrate on her but desiring to finish the Gospel presentation with him as well, I asked him to give me 2 more minutes.  He agreed but became sort of a distraction as I was speaking with the young lady.  He apparently had gotten bored with the conversation that he had started.  Anyway, when I pressed the young lady about where she would spend eternity, her eyes seemed to tear up and she got this real concerned look on her face.  As I was sharing the way of salvation through repentance and faith in Christ the boyfriend was really ready to go and she was also getting fidgety.  I was able to make sure they understood that forgiveness only comes through repentance and faith in Christ, before they left.  Please pray for these two young people.

I was also able to get to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Lawrenceville on Saturday.  This was the first time I have been able to get there, due to work, in months.  It was a blessing to be there.  Below is part of a post I placed on facebook about the day:Me Murder sign

“Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. A young lady canceled her appointment today and others learned that they performed abortions and turned away from the terrible place. Sadly not everyone did. A lady who claimed to be a pastor, after learning that they killed babies, decided to go ahead and support the clinic by utilizing their services.  I say she claimed to be a pastor because she cannot be, according to Scripture.”

Thank you all for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for the ministry of Until All Hear!  Remember your donations go toward ministry supplies and expenses.  The more you give, the more we can do!  The desire is to be able to be in ministry full time, as the Lord makes provision, so please pray with us and give as you feel led!


Until All Hear!