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Samford vs UGA Saturday 9/16/17

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Kickoff was at 7:40 PM on Saturday so we arrived at the stadium around 4:30 PM and set up our equipment. We had a few new faces this week. Billy from Clemson joined us as well as Scott’s daughters. Scott, Chike and I preached as everyone else gave away Gospel tracts on the bridge. There was a lot of foot traffic, which increased as kickoff time drew closer. Hundreds, possibly thousands, heard the Gospel proclaimed for three hours, with many receiving Gospel tracts.Inline image 1

Although having one on one conversations can be a challenge before the games, there were a few on this Saturday. Before we began preaching a young man came and let us know that he was a Christian and a UGA student. He informed us that the students didn’t like preachers that come on campus and yell hate speech at them. We asked him to define what he meant by hate speech but he couldn’t seem to articulate what he meant and said he used the wrong term. Apparently it was “Hellfire and Brimstone preaching” that was offensive. Again, we asked him to define what he meant by that, and again he couldn’t articulate his definition of Hellfire and Brimstone.  Finally, Scott asked him what exactly was said that was offensive to him and again he couldn’t really explain himself. At this point Scott explained to him he was actually being offensive by coming up with his unsubstantiated accusations. I left the conversation at this point and heard the young man apologizing to Scott. To be clear, we are not against constructive criticism, but when you can’t even explain what you are criticizing, well, it isn’t very constructive.

It also seemed to be Mormon day at the stadium. Chike engaged two young Mormon girls and did an excellent job showing them how the Mormon church’s teachings contradicted Scripture. They talked for a while and were very polite young ladies.

Inline image 3Later, three young men, sporting “elder” name tags and the traditional white shirts and ties, came over as Chike was preaching and wanted a picture with him, to which he declined. All five of these young Mormons seemed to put forth the idea that, “Hey, we’re Christian too” which is really what lead into the discussion about the differences between the Mormon cult and Christianity. Finally, as Chike was wrapping up, right before kickoff, a young man who wasn’t dressed as a traditional Mormon came over and began to tell me how we only had two Testaments and we needed the Book of Mormon. I attempted to strike up a conversation with him, by asking him who wrote the Book of Mormon, but he was only interested in repeating his “You need the Book of Mormon” mantra over and over again.

It was a wonderful day of evangelism and fellowship! We are thankful for the Saints who came by with words of encouragement and thankful for Scott’s daughters coming out!  Please pray for the young Mormons and everyone who received the Gospel!

Until All Hear!



Football Season Arrived in Athens Sept 2

Appalachian State vs UGA 9/2/17

We arrived at Sanford Stadium about 3pm. There was a pretty good crowd already on the bridge so Scott, Chike and I set up, prayed and I began to preach as they passed out Gospel Tracts.

I was preaching from Ephesians 5 on how marriage is designed to be a picture of the relationship between Christ and His church, and used that as a transition to the Gospel.

After I had been preaching for a while, the UGA tuba section came out on the bridge, as they do before every game, and played a bit. That was a little distracting but I managed to work through it. After they were done, a couple of guys came out, just up the street from us with a huge bullhorn, and began preaching so we had to work through that as well.
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Scott preaching at Sanford Stadium as Chike, Bobby, Hannah, Eden and Lydia offer Gospel tracts to fans. 9/2/17

Bobby, Hannah, Eden and Lydia arrived and Scott began to preach while the rest of us were offering Gospel Tracts to the fans walking by. Scott shared the Gospel and pleaded for people to repent and trust the Savior. Chike preached next and I went down to the Tate center, where the foot traffic was heavy, to pass out tracts.

There was a large crowd at the game so hundreds and maybe thousands heard the Gospel and hundreds of Gospel tracts were given away.
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Near the end a young college student came and appeared to be pondering doing something to our amp so I asked him if he was considering touching our equipment. He stated that since we were out there preaching(he called it something else) he had the right to touch our equipment because it was freedom of speech. I tried to help this highly educated college student understand that the First Amendment did not give him the right to damage someone’s personal property just because he didn’t like what they were saying. Hopefully he wasn’t a law student. 🙂

He insisted he wanted to watch the game and we were annoying him so I suggested he purchase a ticket and go inside the stadium. He suggested I do the same. When I told him we were not there to watch the game he asked me what we were there for. I told him we were there to preach the Gospel so he asked me to tell him what the Gospel was.

I thought the door had opened but as soon as I started explaining the Gospel he shut me down yelling, “Y’all are stupid because you don’t believe in abortion!” Where’d that come from? He ranted about that and Scott joined the conversation, but there was no reasoning with the young man. It deteriorated to the point where he started making very inappropriate remarks about my wife, which hasn’t happened in all the years I’ve been involved in street evangelism, until recently.

A couple of weeks ago in Athens another young guy did the same thing. Neither of them has ever met my wife and she was not with me on either occasion so I shouldn’t take it personally, but that’s one thing that I do not tolerate well. I mention this as a prayer request. Please pray that I will handle those situations better.

FYI, I did not beat the boy or hit him but I did, on both occasions, let them know they should be glad I was a Christian, because the old me would be beating them for saying that. See why I need prayer?

Pray for those who received the Gospel!

Until All Hear!


The Rabbit. How God Used a Bunny to Start a Witnessing Encounter!

gameWe were outside NGR stadium doing evangelism, before Super Bowl LI, when a lady and two kids walked up to our ministry location with a rabbit in a stroller. A conversation began between myself and the lady after I had asked her about the rabbit and mentioned that my daughter also had one. She told me the rabbit wanted to get out and stretch it’s legs. Now, how the rabbit communicated this to the lady is a mystery to me. The only thing I am kind of sure of is that God must have instructed this rabbit to stretch his legs at our precise location. I mean, we are outside the stadium where the Super Bowl is about to start and this rabbit brings his owner right over to where the street preachers are set up and suddenly needs to get out of his stroller and stretch his legs. Had to be a God orchestrated encounter, right?


After we discussed rabbits for a few minutes I asked her if she was a believer and she said she was and went on to tell me how they had been going to church for about three years. As the conversation progressed I found out she had been raised Catholic and her view seemed to be one of working your way to heaven by church attendance and learning more about God. Those are great things to do but they can’t forgive you of sin or give you eternal life.

She was a really nice lady and we had a great conversation. I was able to explain how we had to repent and trust Jesus for forgiveness because our sin debt had to be paid for and either the payment Jesus made is applied to our account, through repentance and faith, or we have to pay our own sin debt in hell for eternity. She asked me to repeat part of what I said so we went through it again and she said it made sense but she had a question.
sbHer question is a very popular one and a very good one. It didn’t seem right to her that people in places where they were not told about Jesus, she used North Korea for an example, would go to hell. We went back through the reason people go to hell. We agreed that it isn’t because they haven’t heard about Jesus but because of their sin and discussed Romans 1 and how God has revealed himself through the creation so nobody has an excuse. She was satisfied with the answer and said she had been wondering about that.

After we talked I believe she had a better understanding of the Gospel and how to be forgiven. It was almost like she had came to us for that very reason.  I asked her if I could pray with her and she agreed, so we prayed and I gave her a Gospel tract and encouraged her to contact me if she had any questions or needed help in any way. Pray for her and her family!

God used a rooster and a donkey, so we shouldn’t be surprised He used a rabbit to bring a lady to hear the Gospel!16734962_10210062664815860_699051353_o

Until All Hear!


II Corinthians 5:21

It’s Football Season!

It’s football season! DCIM100GOPRO You might think this is a strange way to begin a ministry blog so let me explain.  While I am a football fan, my excitement is not born out of a desire to watch my favorite teams play.  In fact I may not watch a game all year, since we do not have cable in our home.  Okay,  I will probably find a way to watch a few games. I am excited none the less because of the great opportunity football season creates!  For example, our local university has a stadium that holds around 93,000 fans.  Although they do not invite me in to preach to the crowd J, all of those fans must get inside the stadium.  By placing myself strategically, I can place the Gospel in the hands of hundreds of people in a very short amount of time, through Gospel tracts.  There is also an awesome opportunity to share through preaching in the open air to hundreds and possibly thousands of people, as they walk by.  That is what really gets me excited about football season!

The fall semester has also started at the University of Georgia, therefore, the crowd in downtown Athens has grown.  On a typical Friday night 3-5 of us will gather on the corner of College and Clayton in the downtown district, or more accurately the bar district.  One of us will start the open air preaching of the Gospel while the others pass out Gospel tracts or talk with people.  The open air proclamation not only sends the Gospel forth but causes some to stop and talk.  There is a broad range of comments and conversations but I want to tell you about one I had last Friday.

I was the first person to preach thaMe 9.5.14t night and I decided to begin by reading James.  As I was reading, a young couple walks up to me so I stopped reading and engaged them.  They had been drinking but were very nice and even encouraging.

The young man began to tell me where he went to church and run down a list of things he had been trying to fix about himself including his next area to tackle which was drinking.

Me Reading College and Clayton

He told me he drank on Saturday nights and his girlfriend looked at him and said, “it’s Friday”.  After a short pause he looked at me and said, “ok, I drink on Fridays and Saturdays.”  After I listened to them for a bit I discovered that at least the young man was attempting to be good enough to be accepted by God, which is impossible.  I wanted to shift the conversation so I began to take them through some of the commandments.  They both admitted they had violated God’s law and when I asked them if they would be innocent or guilty when they stood before God, they both said guilty.  The next question was, “should God send you to Heaven or Hell?”  The young man immediately said hell but the young lady who was a Catholic would not answer.  In fact, she began to go off on a rant of sorts telling me some people go to church for the wrong reason, etc., etc.  That is a tactic some use when the heat is getting a little too hot and they do not want to continue the conversation but it’s important to bring them back to the matter at hand.  Their eternal destiny depends on it so I interrupted her and said, “you didn’t answer the question, should God send you to Heaven or Hell?”  At this point her boyfriend had the sudden urge to get a hotdog and told her he would be right back.  In hind sight I wished I had let him go so I could concentrate on her but desiring to finish the Gospel presentation with him as well, I asked him to give me 2 more minutes.  He agreed but became sort of a distraction as I was speaking with the young lady.  He apparently had gotten bored with the conversation that he had started.  Anyway, when I pressed the young lady about where she would spend eternity, her eyes seemed to tear up and she got this real concerned look on her face.  As I was sharing the way of salvation through repentance and faith in Christ the boyfriend was really ready to go and she was also getting fidgety.  I was able to make sure they understood that forgiveness only comes through repentance and faith in Christ, before they left.  Please pray for these two young people.

I was also able to get to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Lawrenceville on Saturday.  This was the first time I have been able to get there, due to work, in months.  It was a blessing to be there.  Below is part of a post I placed on facebook about the day:Me Murder sign

“Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. A young lady canceled her appointment today and others learned that they performed abortions and turned away from the terrible place. Sadly not everyone did. A lady who claimed to be a pastor, after learning that they killed babies, decided to go ahead and support the clinic by utilizing their services.  I say she claimed to be a pastor because she cannot be, according to Scripture.”

Thank you all for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for the ministry of Until All Hear!  Remember your donations go toward ministry supplies and expenses.  The more you give, the more we can do!  The desire is to be able to be in ministry full time, as the Lord makes provision, so please pray with us and give as you feel led!


Until All Hear!