Can God Make a Rock So Big He Can’t Lift it?

As I was preaching at the SEC Championship a few weeks ago, a young couple walked up with a question.  You may have heard the question before but the young man asked me the following:  “Can God make a rock so big He can’t pick it up?” The question is really a ridiculous question, as […]

Missouri vs UGA 10.17.15

The mood in Athens seemed a little gloomy on this beautiful Saturday evening, which is expected after suffering their second loss in two weeks.  With yet another season, which the fans had high hopes for, seemingly being dismantled in two short weeks, that is understandable.  Especially for those who seem to eat, sleep and breath […]

Three in a Row!

I’ve had several busy weeks, with 3 home games in a row, work etc., so I haven’t had an opportunity to write much. On September 26th Southern University came to Athens to play UGA. I got to share the Gospel through open air preaching and then gave away between 800 and 900 tracts. We had […]