The Taco Bell Tract Encounter

After finishing up outside NRG stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, our team went back to camp before going to grab some supper. We decided to hit Taco Bell, after a vote between that and Chinese food. While there, one of our team members left a coexist Gospel tract on the counter behind where we were sitting. I was getting a refill and noticed a young lady that worked there had noticed the tract and picked it up so I asked her if all religions could coexist and if each one was equally valid.

Before we go farther I have to share a funny thing that happened during the conversation. Jeff, who had placed the tract there, was sitting with his back against the counter where he had placed the tract and didn’t know I was talking to a young lady. Every time I would ask her a question he would answer because he thought I was asking him. I didn’t want to interrupt my conversation with the young lady so I didn’t stop to tell him I wasn’t talking to him. So, I just continued on with the conversation and eventually, not sure when, Jeff figured out I was talking to someone else.  Back to the conversation.tb

This young lady seemed uncertain as to whether or not all religions were valid but kind of leaned toward thinking they all were. I shared John 14:6 with her and asked her if Jesus was in error or if He didn’t think all religions were equal. She began to consider that Jesus was saying Christianity was the right way so I shared with her what made Christianity different. Jesus is the only one who has risen from the dead defeating death and proving He was God and is the only one that has the power and authority to forgive sin. This is important because sin is what separates us from God. This is why there is no other way. I shared with her how He lived a sinless life and sacrificed Himself for sinners and if she would repent and place her trust in Him she could be forgiven. She was very receptive and after sharing the Gospel I encouraged her to consider what we had discussed.

When I thought the day was over God gave me another opportunity to share the Gospel with this young lady. If Jeff had not placed that tract there the conversation would have never happened. He didn’t know what would happen, but he placed it in faith and for once I was observant enough to see the opportunity before me and start a conversation with her!

2 things I was reminded of by this encounter

  1. Never think your tracts are not working
  2. Keep your eyes open for opportunities God sets before you.


Until All Hear!


The Rabbit. How God Used a Bunny to Start a Witnessing Encounter!

gameWe were outside NGR stadium doing evangelism, before Super Bowl LI, when a lady and two kids walked up to our ministry location with a rabbit in a stroller. A conversation began between myself and the lady after I had asked her about the rabbit and mentioned that my daughter also had one. She told me the rabbit wanted to get out and stretch it’s legs. Now, how the rabbit communicated this to the lady is a mystery to me. The only thing I am kind of sure of is that God must have instructed this rabbit to stretch his legs at our precise location. I mean, we are outside the stadium where the Super Bowl is about to start and this rabbit brings his owner right over to where the street preachers are set up and suddenly needs to get out of his stroller and stretch his legs. Had to be a God orchestrated encounter, right?


After we discussed rabbits for a few minutes I asked her if she was a believer and she said she was and went on to tell me how they had been going to church for about three years. As the conversation progressed I found out she had been raised Catholic and her view seemed to be one of working your way to heaven by church attendance and learning more about God. Those are great things to do but they can’t forgive you of sin or give you eternal life.

She was a really nice lady and we had a great conversation. I was able to explain how we had to repent and trust Jesus for forgiveness because our sin debt had to be paid for and either the payment Jesus made is applied to our account, through repentance and faith, or we have to pay our own sin debt in hell for eternity. She asked me to repeat part of what I said so we went through it again and she said it made sense but she had a question.
sbHer question is a very popular one and a very good one. It didn’t seem right to her that people in places where they were not told about Jesus, she used North Korea for an example, would go to hell. We went back through the reason people go to hell. We agreed that it isn’t because they haven’t heard about Jesus but because of their sin and discussed Romans 1 and how God has revealed himself through the creation so nobody has an excuse. She was satisfied with the answer and said she had been wondering about that.

After we talked I believe she had a better understanding of the Gospel and how to be forgiven. It was almost like she had came to us for that very reason.  I asked her if I could pray with her and she agreed, so we prayed and I gave her a Gospel tract and encouraged her to contact me if she had any questions or needed help in any way. Pray for her and her family!

God used a rooster and a donkey, so we shouldn’t be surprised He used a rabbit to bring a lady to hear the Gospel!16734962_10210062664815860_699051353_o

Until All Hear!


II Corinthians 5:21

God’s Reminder

Today, as I was standing beside my wife in worship, I felt her arm graze mine and at that moment the Holy Spirit began to remind me of what a blessing God had bestowed on me and our children, in

Now none of us are perfect and no marriage is without struggles, but ours have been very minimal. If you know me, really know me, you know I can be a difficult man, at times. Sometimes I can’t even stand myself, but my wonderful wife has not only stood by me, but has loved me unconditionally for over 25 years, since we first began dating. Even when we have our rare arguments, she has almost always been the first to apologize, even though I am usually the cause of the difficulty. She is the most forgiving, loving, giving supportive beautiful woman God has ever created and I would be lost, in an earthly sense, without her.God has blessed me beyond measure! #menloveyourwives




I Couldn’t Believe What Happened to Me at the VA!

dscn4379.jpgLast Friday I had an oppointment at the VA hospital in Augusta for a medical procedure. Now you hear a lot about problems with the VA these days, but my experience has always been pretty good. I guess they could always do better but they have always been good to me.

Anyway, Kim and I showed up at the clinic and the nurse took me back to the prep room. They didn’t waste any time and had me get into the hospital attire and climb onto the bed. They proceeded to hook me up to different things and got my IV started.

As one nurse was doing all of this the other one began asking me the usual questions.

Nurse 1:Do you smoke.

Me: No.

Nurse 1: Do you drink alcohol?

Me: No.

Nurse 1: Do you do illegal drugs?

Me: No.

Nurse 2: Why not?

Me: What?

Nurse 2: Why not?

Me: Because there’s no future in it.

They were very nice and joked around to lighten the mood, which is always a good thing when you’re fixing to have a very invasive procedure.

After they were finished they told me the doctor would be in soon to get me to sign the consent form, so I just relaxed and began to ponder all the possible things they might find wrong with me. Nobody else does that, right?

While I was waiting they brought in another man and put him in the bed beside me. As they were getting him prepped I tried to doze off and just relax but I kept thinking how I would react if they found this or that, coming up with some things that I’m sure aren’t even possibilities. You see, I really hate having any kind of medical procedure done. Especially the kind where they take all your clothes and leave you in a hospital gown and your socks. TMI? Sorry. 🙂

Eventually the doctor came in and spoke with the other gentleman first, telling him the possible risks etc. And had him sign the consent form. They kind of new each other because the other man’s wife apparently works at the hospital. So, after the official business they chit chatted a bit and the doctor asked him if he could pray with him. First I thought, oh no, is this going to be some silly prayer to the universe or something? I know that’s terrible, but that’s honestly the first thing that came to mind. I was thinking, they must belong to the same universalist church of Satan or something. Anyway, the doc began to pray and it was one of the sweetest, loving prayers I’ve ever heard. It began with, “Heavenly Father” and ended with, “in Jesus’ name.”  I felt bad for my previous thoughts and thanked God for giving me a Christian doctor. That eased my anxiety a bit and I was thankful for God allowing me to hear that.

Then it was my turn. The doc came over and gave me the same schpeel about possible things that could go wrong, blah blah blah and asked me if I had any questions. After I assured him I was fine and had no questions he looked my in the eye and said, “Mr. Burt, do you mind if I pray with you?” I told him I would love for him to and he asked God to bless me and take care of me just as sincerely as he did for the man he knew.

I couldn’t believe it! I’m in a government hospital and this happened to me! I have never had a doctor or nurse EVER offer to pray with me! I thanked him again in recovery for the prayer and told him I didn’t think they would allow him to do that. He just smiled and went about his business.

Maybe by the title of this blog you were expecting another sad story about VA incompetence, but not this time. The entire process was done very efficiently and professionally. I have to say, my latest VA experience was excellent all the way around!

May God bless those who bless those who serve!


Oh, just n case you were wondering, my test went well and all seems to be good!


The Broken Umbrella Incident…and other happenings April 2016

After the Super Bowl trip to San Francisco it was difficult to get back in the groove, ministry wise. I guess I just let life get in the way or maybe I just needed some time to back up and reflect.


The first Friday night was rainy and we didn’t really think there would be many people out in Athens.  As it happened, we had a pretty interesting night. As I began to preach, a young man walked up and asked some questions about the trustworthiness of the Bible so I stopped preaching and began to discuss the matter with him. As we were talking another young man came up and started interjecting things that were not really relevant to the conversation. Then another guy came up and got right up in my space saying crazy stuff. So my conversation began with a young man who had sincere questions, got off track with a guy trying to get it off topic and ended with a guy who made no sense at all.

Anyway, Peter began talking with the first two guys and I was left with the other guy. I was still standing on my stool and as we were talking he gave me a gentle push but not hard enough to push me off the stool. At that point I thought it was a good idea to step down, so I did. He called me everything from a pig farmer to things I cannot say here, but I tried to hang in there to get to the Gospel. At another point he pushed me again off of the edge of the curb but it was a weird almost gentle push like he was testing the water. He had already told me a couple of times that he wanted to punch me and each time I asked him why he wanted to be violent when we were just having a conversation and he would calm down and continue the conversation. Finally I thought we were getting somewhere as he opened up and told me he was a good child until his parents split up and then everything went to hell. I lovingly tried to get him to see that he was responsible for his own actions and was accountable to God for his sin but he kept blaming everything on his parents. I tried to help him understand and at some point I guess he got angry and decided to take a swing at me.  I was holding an umbrella because of the rain and his fist struck the umbrella which absorbed most of the shock and then either the umbrella or his fist made contact with my jaw. At that point I knew our conversation was over. The first young man I was talking with saw it and came over and helped me scoot the guy on down the road. Although the next day I felt kind of like a wuss for not retaliating, I know it was not the right thing to do in this case. I wasn’t even sure the guy didn’t have a mental issue. I was mostly upset because he bent my umbrella. That was a first. In the 7 years I’ve been going to Athens and the time before that in Arizona I have never been punched.

So the other guy and I began to talk again. We discussed all sorts of things, but his main thing was that he wasn’t sure he could trust the Bible. We exchanged contact info because I wanted to send him a book to help him investigate the reliability of the Bible. So a couple of days later, I sent a text, asking for his address so I could send him the book. He responded and I was able to mail him an Evidence for Christianity book, a Hell’s Best Kept Secret CD and a 180 movie DVD. I checked in the next week to make sure he received the package and he did.  I pray God uses it to help him see the trustworthiness of the word of God. That was another first. I’ve given my info to countless young people over the years but have never really had them respond, until now. I guess it just took a punch in the face 🙂

The very next week I was able to talk to a young man who had been hurt by his church. He began by yelling at the preacher who asked me to go talk with him.  He felt like God had betrayed him because of the way the people in his church had treated him. We talked for a while and he asked me if I would pray that God would reveal Himself to him for 14 days. I agreed and promised to text him everyday so he would know I was praying for him. Everyday I prayed for him, sent a text letting him know, along with some encouraging Scripture. On day 11 I heard from him when he sent me a text and thanked me. He also told me he was going to start going to church with a friend. On the 14th day I let him know I would stop blowing his phone up every morning but that I was still praying for him and I was here if he needed anything. What had not happened in 7 years of ministry happened twice in 2 weeks.

The moral of the story is, Never, Ever Give Up!


The next week was pretty non eventful for me but this past Friday was interesting. Being earth day there was a concert in downtown Athens so there were some different folks out. I met a guy who called himself Peter the Rock. This Peter claimed to be a disciple of mother earth and then claimed to be a disciple of Jesus. Later in the evening he came back by and told me I was a good man and said he would lead me in the right direction. I thanked him for the offer but told him that was Jesus’ job and I would just stick with Him.

Earlier in the evening as Scott was preaching a woman came over and was extremely upset because Scott said Jesus was God. She kept yelling that the Bible said He was the son of God so He was not God. Several of the guys tried to speak with her about that but she just kept yelling and would not listen. Funny thing, a man with her, who was trying to get her to leave finally told us we needed to shut up and move on, but we had been there for a hour or so and she came to us. Shouldn’t she be the one moving along? That happens a lot. People will come and get angry with us and instead of just going on down the street will insist we need to leave. These are usually the tolerant folks who believe everyone should be able to do whatever they like, well, except for us. 🙂


There was another woman that came over and told us we were not to judge according to Romans 2:1 which states, “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.” Like Matthew 7, which is also quoted to us, this is speaking of hypocrisy when read in context. The thing that is interesting is this woman was doing the very thing she was accusing us of doing, which is usually the case.

On Saturday the 23rd, there was a nationwide protest against Planned Parenthood and I was able to join Bobby, Hannah and Scott in Lawrenceville for this. Bobby is at Planned Parenthood almost every week pleading with women not to take their babies into the murder mill known as Planned Parenthood. Although there is hard video evidence that Planned Parenthood not only kills babies but sells their body parts, people still support them.


Possibly the saddest part of the thing was the counter protest by PP. They had a huge banner that said, “Healthcare Happens Here.” Others were holding signs that read, “Stand Up for Choice” and “Don’t Take Away My Care”. First of all, killing babies is NOT healthcare.  Second, what about the baby’s choice? Third, If Planned Parenthood closed its doors there would still be real healthcare provided for women.  What the sign really means is “Don’t take away my right to have my baby murdered.”



What Makes a Christian Support Trump?

TrumptI understand the appeal that causes people to want to vote for Trump.  Conservatives have voted for politicians for years based on the promises they made to go to D. C. and fight for conservative values, both physical and moral.  In spite of doing this we have been consistently let down, if not mocked , as they go off and seemingly do absolutely nothing but fold at every challenge made by the POTUS.

It’s as if we’ve been abused for too long and we see Trump as the guy that’s going to let them have it, giving them what’s coming to them!  

As a Christian, I’ve been trying to figure out how a follower of Christ could so passionately defend and support a man who has really shown no evidence of having a moral compass, except for the one he creates himself and admittedly can change very quickly.  I think I may have finally brought it down to a place I can relate to.

I work in an industry where I do my best to do the right thing and make the people we do work for happy.  I make special trips to job sites if they have a problem and stop what I’m doing if they call to get them taken care of, even if the emergency is because they have failed to do their part.  No matter what I do, and how many times I bail them out of trouble, it’s never good enough.  They take and take but when I need something or ask for help, they never seem to have time or the resources to assist.  I mean NEVER,

One of these people, just this week, called me and was in a bind because they had failed to get me the correct information that I had been asking for, for months. He remindsedme of our elected officials that take our votes but never keep up their end of the bargain.  It was at this moment I realized how a follower of Christ can be tempted to vote for Trump.  We want to see somebody let them have it and we see that somebody as Trump.  It doesn’t matter if he’s immoral, corrupt and rude, we just want our say.

When that person called me, being very nice, asking for help, the Trump supporter in me wanted to tell him what he could do with his problem and just let him have it.  Especially since the day before I had asked him to check ONE dimension with a tape measure, a 3 minute task at best, and he refused.  I’m an hour away and he is right there but refused to help me out, and now he needs me.  Oh how I wanted to get my revenge and see him suffer a little.  At that moment I remembered, thanks to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, how Paul prayed for the Colossians, asking God to give them wisdom, knowledge and power to walk worthy of Jesus in a difficult time for that  church.  They were in a different situation but the principle remains the same.  Was I to react with hostility, seeking revenge, or was I to graciously do my job and take care of the problem, as if I was working for Christ?  This time, by the grace of God, I acted as if I was working for Christ and did the right thing

Are we to seek our revenge at the voting booth, using the likes of a Donald Trump as our weapon, or vote as if Christ is standing looking over our shoulder as we press that button on the voting machine?  If you are a Christian, He is much closer than that, so remember that as you go to the polls.trump


2 Corinthians 5:18-21