The Ministry of Until all Hear!

About the ministry of Until All Hear!

Downtown Athens, GA
Athens is home to about 40 bars in the downtown district and on any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday night you will find the sidewalks buzzing with college students. We reach these kids, many of whom have come to college and walked away from their faith, with the gospel message through open air preaching, gospel tracts, and one on one conversations.

UGA Campus
During the school year we hang out in the Tate Student Center giving gospel tracts to the students, reading Scripture aloud and having conversations with the kids as opportunities present themselves.

UGA football games.
The stadium holds around 93,000 people and it feels like every seat is full at every game. With the massive amount of foot traffic going into the stadium you can easily give away 1000 gospel tracts in under one hour. We also share the gospel through open air preaching as the crowds enter the stadium.

Planned Parenthood
We are thankful for Athens not having an abortion clinic, but there is one in Lawrenceville, Ga which is about 40 miles west of Athens. On Tuesdays they issue the RU486 abortion pills and that is when we want to be there, to plead with the moms who are taking their children in to be killed. I have been able to be a part of this very heartbreaking and difficult ministry, which has been made very difficult by a society that has convinced these young women their babies are nothing more than blobs of cells and murdering the child is nothing more than a medical procedure. While pleading with them to choose life, we offer information where they can obtain assistance with their pregnancy and other healthcare need in facilities that do not perform abortions. As with everywhere we go, we also share the gospel of Jesus Christ with patients, clinic workers and anyone who might be in hearing distance.

Church Planting (Future)
While Until All Hear is focused on getting the gospel message to as many people as possible, we understand discipleship is also part of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. In the future, as God allows, we would like to be involved in planting a church. Many people believe we already have plenty of churches and there is no need for more but that just isn’t the case. See the website for more on this.

Evangelism Training (Future)
We would also like to offer evangelism training courses with practical application as God frees up our time for more ministry.

For a more detailed description of the ministry you can go to our website and click the “WHAT WE DO” button.

Without prayer, any ministry would be a shipwreck in a short time. Therefore, we desire prayer more than anything! We also understand that God uses His people to answer those prayers. We are asking you to pray but also to consider being an answer to our prayers, by assisting us in financing this small part of God’s Great Commission!

In order to give our complete and best efforts to these ministries we need you! You can donate on a monthly basis to help give us a steady line of support or make a one-time gift of any amount.

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