The Mystery Super Bowl Outreach Team Members

After five months of prayer and recruiting my Super Bowl Outreach team only consisted of 5 people, including me. Five may seem like a pretty good team, and it is, but the requirement is that I have at least 10 team members. I began with a list of over 20 past and possible team members and felt confident I would be able to fill all 10 slots. As time went on the list began to get shorter and shorter. Even those who I was certain would/could go began to drop off the list.

There were commitment conflicts, wives having babies, sickness and some who just didn’t want to go to the west coast. Not saying any of these reasons are invalid, it is just the way life and ministry works. I will admit I gave into frustration at times but ultimately was trusting God to send those He wanted on my team. I settled into the fact that I was going to have a 5 person team and became content with that because those on my team were all solid, seasoned evangelists. 

Shortly before the trip I had a young couple and their 8 month old added to my team, bringing the total to 8. Yes, I am counting the 8 month old as a team member. Grasping? Maybe, but she was with us the entire time so she gets credit. With the team being set, off we go to Hollywood Blvd. on day one.

Scott got the team set up as Rich and I went to park the van. We were set up in front of the Metro station with the preaching rotation starting along with tract distribution and Gospel conversations. There was a woman that came up and listened for a long time. As one of the team members began to talk with her we found out she was in town for the Super Bowl and felt led to come down to Hollywood Blvd. but she wasn’t sure why, if I understood correctly. Naturally I thought God had this planned from the beginning. After praying for five months for God to send me team members and being a few short of the goal, here was Mona.

We didn’t know she was coming and apparently she didn’t either. Mona ended up staying with us for hours passing out Gospel tracts. You might say, that was just a coincidence, and I might have agreed until Day 2.

Day 2 was a nice change. Hollywood Blvd. can be a bit hectic and wear on you after an entire day so going to Huntington Beach Pier on day 2 was a nice change. Again, as Rich and I went to park, Scott got the team set up on the pier and began preaching, passing out tracts and engaging people in conversation. A man came up in a wheelchair who had asked God that morning how he could serve Him on that day (paraphrase).

Horice stayed on the pier with us for hours offering Gospel tracts to people and telling them he had some good news for them. Again, God had sent us a great team member. 

God is faithful. As we prayed for 5 months for God to send us team members, He was working on these two saints and we didn’t have a clue. His ways are not our ways. 

We were praying to 10 team members and that’s exactly what God gave us. 

Until All Hear!


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