UMASS vs UGA Saturday November 17, 2018

It was a beautiful day at Sanford Stadium on Saturday. We were blessed to have 8 men out today to spread the Gospel.  We had over 3 solid hours of Gospel preaching with Sam, Jamie, Peter, Scott and Chike preaching from just before 1PM until just after 4PM.


Those who weren’t preaching were involved in tract distribution and one on one conversations, as God gave opportunity. Every week Jamie, who I have learned never meets a stranger, engages the young Mormon elders in a gospel conversation. I pointed out to him that not only are they hearing the Gospel but he is also keeping them from spreading the false gospel of Mormonism, so that is a double blessing.


This is the first Game Peter has been able to get out to due to his recent health issues. It was great to have him and his two sons, Jarod and Jonah, join us. It’s always great to see young men out in the highways and hedges carrying on the mission.


We had men ranging in age from teenagers to the mid 50s. Generations of men who love the Lord and care for the lost! Last week we had even younger people out.  We are truly blessed with a great Athens team! Can’t express how thankful I am!

It’s impossible to estimate how many souls were exposed to the Gospel on Saturday, or on any given Saturday at Sanford. The venue is really special with the bridge kind of funneling everyone by our location. There was a steady stream of people walking across, with many just hanging around. The stadium holds around 93,000 and while not all of them come across the bridge, thousands do. Glory to God for His provision.

I’ll close with this.  Peter heard a man pass by who was talking with his companions. He made the remark that the preachers (us) had been out there since he went to school there. The impact of consistency is huge, so never quit, never give up!  Your work is not in vain! Reminds me of something I believe Bobby heard a young man say in downtown Athens a year or two back. He had seen the preachers on the same corner for 4 years and, if I remember correctly, was a doubter, and maybe even a heckler. He came by and told Bobby he was beginning to believe what we were saying was right.

I want to brag on my wonderful wife, Kim, who spends her Saturdays in Athens shuttling us to and from the stadium. She never complained when I asked her to take up that aspect of this ministry at the beginning of the season, but has served faithfully and has done everything we asked of her. She is my beautiful gift from God and I can’t begin to express how much I love and appreciate her!

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all mushy. 🙂

Until All Hear!


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