Auburn vs UGA 11.10.18

This appeared to be the largest crowd of the season. The traffic getting to the stadium was thicker than we have seen, as was the foot traffic on the bridge.

Today we had Jamie, Mike, Chike, Scott and myself on the team, as well as the entire McCreery family. Having them back with us was a huge blessing.

Jamie started the preaching, followed by Scott, Bobby and me, with Mike finishing off the day. As the preaching was going forth, the others were engaged in tract distribution and one on one conversations.

There were several people that passed by with encouraging words while others shouted profanities and scoffed, just as Scripture says will happen.

In between those two types of comments there were also those who claimed to be followers of Christ that rebuked us for preaching the Gospel. I say “claim” because the lady I have in mind, when asked how we were supposed to share the Gospel, replied, “ just be a good person”. When she was informed that was not what the Bible teaches but in fact says in Mark 16:15, “go and preach the Gospel to all creation”, she said that was just symbolic. That’s not to say she isn’t a believer, but what I saw from her really didn’t give me reason to think she was. I mean, the preaching of the Gospel was offensive to her and she seemed to think being a good person = sharing the Gospel, so I can’t say if she was or wasn’t. God knows.

Hundreds and possibly thousands were exposed to the Gospel on Saturday and we are thankful for that. Please join us in praying for those who heard the Gospel and received Gospel tracts!

Until All Hear!


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