Vandy vs UGA 10/6/18

We had a couple of visitors come in for outreach today. Bobby McCreery came over from Douglasville and Daniel Courney, who is in the states on furlough, drove over from Dallas, Ga.image.png

We also had the normal local team members, Rich, Chike, Jamie, along with myself. The crowd seemed to be smaller than last week when Tennessee was in town, but it was still a good crowd.


Many tracts were given away and the Gospel was preached for about 2.5 hours. Jamie began the preaching, followed by me and Daniel, with Bobby closing out the day. We had several people make statements but not many wanted to stop and discuss, which usually means they do not really have a case to argue. They are just lashing out. We also had some encouraging words, handshakes, etc. from believers, which is always nice.


There were also some good Gospel conversations.  For instance, I saw one taking place between Jamie and 3 young Mormons.


There were also others of varying lengths. We try to engage people as much as possible but often they are headed somewhere and do not want to take the time to stop and talk.

It was a great day of evangelism at Sanford.

Pray for those who heard and/or read the Gospel!

Go and preach the Gospel to all creation!

Until All Hear!



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