Tenn. vs UGA 9/29/18




Mike, Rich, Chike and I arrived at Sanford Stadium around 12:30 PM. Jamie was already there waiting and Sam arrived shortly after. We got set up and Mike spearheaded the preaching, as the rest of us gave away Gospel tracts and engaged people.At one point, as Mike was preaching, I saw Chike engaging a man in a Gospel conversation as Jamie and Rich prayed with another man. What a beautiful picture of ministry that was. We were able to give away several hundred tracts and several conversations took place, as the day went on. Had some encouragers come by with kind words along with a few hecklers.

Rich preached after Mike, speaking on misconceptions about God. I will post the link to the video below. Chike followed Rich, with his powerful voice and passion for the Gospel. I ended the preaching and finished up right at 3:30 which was kick-off time, and we packed up and headed to the DZ/PZ (Drop-off/Pick-up zone) 🙂

We had a great day of ministry, great weather and fellowship! Hundreds, if not a few thousand, heard or received the Gospel through preaching, conversations or Gospel tracts. Pray for Athens!

Blessed beyond measure!

Highlight Video https://youtu.be/9DegHCKj0Gg

Chike’s preaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSufRJxN_yQ

Rich’s preaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbD9_kQb5E0&t=855s

Alex’s preaching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik5orz8_DBM&t=1040s

Until All Hear!


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