Opening Day at Sanford Stadium


Rich, Chike, Scott and I were dropped off about 15 minutes from Sanford by my bride, Kim. Bobby has moved away so we had to find a new ride. Thanks to Kim for assuming that role!

Over the off season the stadium has also been renovated with a new scoreboard and a bit of a redesign on the bridge. Since the guardrail where we used to preach has been removed, we decided to try a new spot at the other end of the bridge.

It was a pretty good spot and had trees, which blessed us with shade. Even with that, it was a dry muggy afternoon. I do not remember feeling much of a breeze at any time.

Scott started us off in Ephesians, which I had also planned to preach from, but neither of us knew that. Great minds and all that, right? 🙂
When he began we had a few tech issues because someone (me) forgot to bring the antennas for the new amp. Fortunately, it still works without them, we just had to stay close to the amp.

When Scott was finished, Chike preached, then myself. We were able to preach for two and a half hours and gave away a lot of tracts.
We had some believers give encouraging words and a few foul mouthed folks hurling insults, but the Gospel went out to many people. We are very thankful for the opportunity to share with so many people.

Please pray for these fans and the fans across the nation who heard the Gospel today!

Until All Hear!

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