Football Season 2017

I have been terrible at doing blog updates so I want to summarise last fall.

We were able to get to all of the UGA home games this season and I also rode up to Knoxville with some of the guys to meet Bill Adams for the UGA vs Tenn game. We also had the opportunity to preach at the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.

As usual, we passed out Gospel tracts and preached the Gospel on the bridge at Sanford Stadium. We had some good conversations along the way as well. There were many believers who came by and gave us encouraging words, while other professing believers tried to discourage us. I will touch on a few interactions below.

At one game, a man stopped and questioned the sign my friend Rich had on his whiteboard. It said, “What if the South worhipped Jesus as much as football?” His question/objection was all about how it would be perceived. We had a good discussion and I found out he had been out of church for a while and didn’t actually share his faith.  I’m always tempted, and sometimes I do responde with, “I like the way I do evangelism better than the way you don’t”, but I refrained from doing so this day. Almost all of the time the “Christians” that rebuke us for our efforts are of the smooshy sort that don’t believe you can actually say anything to anyone about sin, judgment hell, etc., because doing so is pushing them away from God. Nevermind the fact that the Bible is clear that they are already condemned, so how much worse can they get?

Along the same lines, a young professing believer came up and asked me if she could pray for me, so I agreed. She began her prayer by asking God to open our eyes and help us preach with love and listen to other people’s stories, etc. etc. I thanked her and told her we certainly did preach with love. Is it really loving to know someone is headed for eternal torment and say nothing?  

Another man came to me as I was preaching and asked me if I preached the full Gospel. I assured him I did and so he began to drill me with questions. What he really wanted to know is if I preached baptismal regeneration, which I informed him I did not because it was part of the Gospel. I know there are those who disagree, but this isn’t the place to go off on that rabbit trail.

The point is, instead of encouraging the preaching of the Gospel, he made a spectacle of himself by shouting rebukes at me and calling me a liar for not adhering to his pet doctrine. Always wonder why folks want to come and critique the preacher but don’t seem to be interested in actually sharing the Gospel.

There are also good positive conversations that take place. For instance, Chike and I (mostly Chike) had a great conversation with two young ladies who were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Chike did a wonderful job of explaining Scriptures in an attempt to help them see the truth. They were kind and polite and listened as we shared with them.

The last encounter I will share is one that was kind of a combination. It began with a young man coming by and trying to yell down the preacher. I can’t remember who was preaching at the time but I decided to engage the young man. He threw all of the standard objections at me, about God, creation etc., and I attempted to answer each one the best way I could. At the end of the conversation he said he enjoyed the conversation and said I had an answer for all of his questions. I pray he has repented and trusted the Savior.

Overall, it was a great season. Hundreds of tracts were given away and thousands heard the Gospel. Now, it is between them and God.


 Until All Hear!



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