College Football Championship Weekend


The college football championship game has become somewhat of a 3 day event. Similar to the NFL experience on Super Bowl weekend, there are activities, concerts and the like on Saturday and Sunday before the the game on Monday. So, I made the decision to come out of my sinus infection slumber and go down to meet up with some other guys, to preach the Gospel to the fans, as they roamed the area where the festivities were taking place.


I arrived around 1:30 Saturday afternoon and as I was nearing the CNN center I could hear a familiar voice. It took a second to register but what I heard was my good friend Chike preaching. We spent Saturday rotating preaching and passing out Gospel tracts. At one point we split the group and ministered in two separate locations. The foot traffic was good at times and really slow at other times. This can partially be attributed to the weather. It was pretty cold, for us southerners, with a high of only 38° for both days. Many received the Gospel through tracts and hundreds heard the Gospel through open air preaching.

I had another first on Saturday. Something I never thought would happen. As I was preaching I kept hearing someone behind me yelling. I was facing a building,with my back to the road, and being in a large city I just assumed there was something going on across the street. All of a sudden the person started yelling, “Hey!, Hey!, Hey!” over and over again so I turned around to see what was happening.

What to my amazement did I see?

A Lyft driver, pulled over, yelling at me!

I inquired about what she wanted and she informed me that I was something “not very nice” and that God was also something “not very nice”. I offered her a Gospel tract and encouraged her to turn to Christ through repentance and faith. She informed me she would repent, in a very sarcastic way, and informed me she was going to Heaven and I was going to Hell. I asked her what she bases that on and her response was, “Because you’re stupid”. As I was trying to tell her how illogical  that was, her passenger arrived. I encouraged him to NOT ride with her and told him I would be afraid to get into a car with her. She finally found the tract I had tossed into her window, after she refused it, and tossed it back at me, said a few more nasty things and drove off.

On Sunday, as we were preaching, several hundred Iranian Americans showed up, basically overran our position and had a protest against the Iranian government, which lasted about 2-3 hours. Now I’m all in favor of the freedom and liberty to do that, but the fact that their leadership arrived early and saw what we were doing, and yet didn’t even bother to let us know what they were doing, just as a courtesy, was kind of irritating. They just showed up and overran us. Maybe I am a bit touchy. 🙂

I was unable to attend Monday but a lot of guys went down to preach the Gospel before the game on Monday, so many, many people heard and/or received the Gospel in tract form.

Until All Hear!



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