MS State vs UGA September 23, 2017

Kick off was around 7:00pm so we arrived about 4:00 to set up on the bridge.

Bobby, Hannah, Lydia, Rich, Mike, Chike and myself, began preaching and handing out Gospel tracts. We didn’t seem to have as many conversations as we did last week but every week is different.20170923_174130

There was a young British man that came up at the end and asked me how many religions there were in the world. I told him I had no idea. He informed me that he studied religions at university and asked me what made Christianity different than the rest. I began explaining to him that Jesus was the difference because He was the only one who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried and rose from the dead, defeating death and proving He was God and that He was seen after the resurrection by hundreds of people. He wasn’t buying it and attempted to discredit the Bible and Jesus. I tried to tell him his problem was really with sin and that Jesus had the only answer but he and his friend decided the conversation was over and they went on their way.  

Earlier in the day I was across the bridge as Rich was preaching and I heard a young man tell his friend they should stop and hear what the guy (Rich) had to say. They stayed for a long time and listened.  Rich would have never known if I had not overheard them. We also heard of another person hearing the preaching and commenting to others about how needed the message was. Be encouraged preachers, people are listening!

We had a wonderful day of evangelism! We have 2 away games in a row so there will be no pregame evangelism at Sanford Stadium for a few weeks. However, some of the guys are heading to Knoxville as UGA travels there to take on the Tennessee Volunteers. Please be in prayer for this trip.

Below is a testimony from Chike Uzuegbunan who began coming out to the games with us this season and has been a huge blessing.

It was truly a wonderful privilege to thunder the almighty gospel of Jesus Christ at the last two UGA games. Overall, the crowds were vast and intently aware of the open-air preaching going on. Many gospel conversations were had along with hundreds of gospel tracts dispensed to the masses.  Praise God for giving us His grace and leading us through the triumphal procession of Christ! May the glorious enthroned Lamb be lifted on high both now and to the day of eternity! Amen.”20170923_183111


Until All Hear!



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