The Taco Bell Tract Encounter

After finishing up outside NRG stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, our team went back to camp before going to grab some supper. We decided to hit Taco Bell, after a vote between that and Chinese food. While there, one of our team members left a coexist Gospel tract on the counter behind where we were sitting. I was getting a refill and noticed a young lady that worked there had noticed the tract and picked it up so I asked her if all religions could coexist and if each one was equally valid.

Before we go farther I have to share a funny thing that happened during the conversation. Jeff, who had placed the tract there, was sitting with his back against the counter where he had placed the tract and didn’t know I was talking to a young lady. Every time I would ask her a question he would answer because he thought I was asking him. I didn’t want to interrupt my conversation with the young lady so I didn’t stop to tell him I wasn’t talking to him. So, I just continued on with the conversation and eventually, not sure when, Jeff figured out I was talking to someone else.  Back to the conversation.tb

This young lady seemed uncertain as to whether or not all religions were valid but kind of leaned toward thinking they all were. I shared John 14:6 with her and asked her if Jesus was in error or if He didn’t think all religions were equal. She began to consider that Jesus was saying Christianity was the right way so I shared with her what made Christianity different. Jesus is the only one who has risen from the dead defeating death and proving He was God and is the only one that has the power and authority to forgive sin. This is important because sin is what separates us from God. This is why there is no other way. I shared with her how He lived a sinless life and sacrificed Himself for sinners and if she would repent and place her trust in Him she could be forgiven. She was very receptive and after sharing the Gospel I encouraged her to consider what we had discussed.

When I thought the day was over God gave me another opportunity to share the Gospel with this young lady. If Jeff had not placed that tract there the conversation would have never happened. He didn’t know what would happen, but he placed it in faith and for once I was observant enough to see the opportunity before me and start a conversation with her!

2 things I was reminded of by this encounter

  1. Never think your tracts are not working
  2. Keep your eyes open for opportunities God sets before you.


Until All Hear!


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