I Couldn’t Believe What Happened to Me at the VA!

dscn4379.jpgLast Friday I had an oppointment at the VA hospital in Augusta for a medical procedure. Now you hear a lot about problems with the VA these days, but my experience has always been pretty good. I guess they could always do better but they have always been good to me.

Anyway, Kim and I showed up at the clinic and the nurse took me back to the prep room. They didn’t waste any time and had me get into the hospital attire and climb onto the bed. They proceeded to hook me up to different things and got my IV started.

As one nurse was doing all of this the other one began asking me the usual questions.

Nurse 1:Do you smoke.

Me: No.

Nurse 1: Do you drink alcohol?

Me: No.

Nurse 1: Do you do illegal drugs?

Me: No.

Nurse 2: Why not?

Me: What?

Nurse 2: Why not?

Me: Because there’s no future in it.

They were very nice and joked around to lighten the mood, which is always a good thing when you’re fixing to have a very invasive procedure.

After they were finished they told me the doctor would be in soon to get me to sign the consent form, so I just relaxed and began to ponder all the possible things they might find wrong with me. Nobody else does that, right?

While I was waiting they brought in another man and put him in the bed beside me. As they were getting him prepped I tried to doze off and just relax but I kept thinking how I would react if they found this or that, coming up with some things that I’m sure aren’t even possibilities. You see, I really hate having any kind of medical procedure done. Especially the kind where they take all your clothes and leave you in a hospital gown and your socks. TMI? Sorry. 🙂

Eventually the doctor came in and spoke with the other gentleman first, telling him the possible risks etc. And had him sign the consent form. They kind of new each other because the other man’s wife apparently works at the hospital. So, after the official business they chit chatted a bit and the doctor asked him if he could pray with him. First I thought, oh no, is this going to be some silly prayer to the universe or something? I know that’s terrible, but that’s honestly the first thing that came to mind. I was thinking, they must belong to the same universalist church of Satan or something. Anyway, the doc began to pray and it was one of the sweetest, loving prayers I’ve ever heard. It began with, “Heavenly Father” and ended with, “in Jesus’ name.”  I felt bad for my previous thoughts and thanked God for giving me a Christian doctor. That eased my anxiety a bit and I was thankful for God allowing me to hear that.

Then it was my turn. The doc came over and gave me the same schpeel about possible things that could go wrong, blah blah blah and asked me if I had any questions. After I assured him I was fine and had no questions he looked my in the eye and said, “Mr. Burt, do you mind if I pray with you?” I told him I would love for him to and he asked God to bless me and take care of me just as sincerely as he did for the man he knew.

I couldn’t believe it! I’m in a government hospital and this happened to me! I have never had a doctor or nurse EVER offer to pray with me! I thanked him again in recovery for the prayer and told him I didn’t think they would allow him to do that. He just smiled and went about his business.

Maybe by the title of this blog you were expecting another sad story about VA incompetence, but not this time. The entire process was done very efficiently and professionally. I have to say, my latest VA experience was excellent all the way around!

May God bless those who bless those who serve!


Oh, just n case you were wondering, my test went well and all seems to be good!


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