What Makes a Christian Support Trump?

TrumptI understand the appeal that causes people to want to vote for Trump.  Conservatives have voted for politicians for years based on the promises they made to go to D. C. and fight for conservative values, both physical and moral.  In spite of doing this we have been consistently let down, if not mocked , as they go off and seemingly do absolutely nothing but fold at every challenge made by the POTUS.

It’s as if we’ve been abused for too long and we see Trump as the guy that’s going to let them have it, giving them what’s coming to them!  

As a Christian, I’ve been trying to figure out how a follower of Christ could so passionately defend and support a man who has really shown no evidence of having a moral compass, except for the one he creates himself and admittedly can change very quickly.  I think I may have finally brought it down to a place I can relate to.

I work in an industry where I do my best to do the right thing and make the people we do work for happy.  I make special trips to job sites if they have a problem and stop what I’m doing if they call to get them taken care of, even if the emergency is because they have failed to do their part.  No matter what I do, and how many times I bail them out of trouble, it’s never good enough.  They take and take but when I need something or ask for help, they never seem to have time or the resources to assist.  I mean NEVER,

One of these people, just this week, called me and was in a bind because they had failed to get me the correct information that I had been asking for, for months. He remindsedme of our elected officials that take our votes but never keep up their end of the bargain.  It was at this moment I realized how a follower of Christ can be tempted to vote for Trump.  We want to see somebody let them have it and we see that somebody as Trump.  It doesn’t matter if he’s immoral, corrupt and rude, we just want our say.

When that person called me, being very nice, asking for help, the Trump supporter in me wanted to tell him what he could do with his problem and just let him have it.  Especially since the day before I had asked him to check ONE dimension with a tape measure, a 3 minute task at best, and he refused.  I’m an hour away and he is right there but refused to help me out, and now he needs me.  Oh how I wanted to get my revenge and see him suffer a little.  At that moment I remembered, thanks to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, how Paul prayed for the Colossians, asking God to give them wisdom, knowledge and power to walk worthy of Jesus in a difficult time for that  church.  They were in a different situation but the principle remains the same.  Was I to react with hostility, seeking revenge, or was I to graciously do my job and take care of the problem, as if I was working for Christ?  This time, by the grace of God, I acted as if I was working for Christ and did the right thing

Are we to seek our revenge at the voting booth, using the likes of a Donald Trump as our weapon, or vote as if Christ is standing looking over our shoulder as we press that button on the voting machine?  If you are a Christian, He is much closer than that, so remember that as you go to the polls.trump


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