Three in a Row!

Scott1I’ve had several busy weeks, with 3 home games in a row, work etc., so I haven’t had an opportunity to write much. On September 26th Southern University came to Athens to play UGA. I got to share the Gospel through open air preaching and then gave away between 800 and 900 tracts. We had the usual encouraging words from other Christians and some heckling as well. Two or three hours before the game there is usually a small crowd hanging out on the bridge or just walking around waiting for kickoff. It’s a little easier to preach then, with less noise pollution to deal with and easier to hand out tracts later, as the crowd grows. The only real noise competition when preaching early is the Tuba Section of the UGA band. They usually come up to the bridge and play for a few minutes but it’s not for long.

On October 3rd Alabama came to town. There is usually one big game every year where the Friday night before is a little more crowded than usual, and this was it. Hundreds heard the Gospel through preaching with many receiving Gospel tracts. There were also a lot of one on one conversations between the evangelists and passers by.

Christians are often afraid they will not have answers to the questions and objections thrown at them and at times we allow this to hinder us from sharing our faith. The only real way to overcome this fear is by just doing it. When you do this you will discover that while there are some tough questions, most of the time the person with the objection has just heard something from a friend, professor or website and only uses it as a dart to throw you off track. With study and a lot of experience, these encounters become easier. In fact, these encounter are good for the Christians because they drive us to our knees and to the word. I had one such conversation with a young man that I hope will be encouraging to you.

This young man and his friend/friends (not sure who was with who) came by insisting the Bible was false because it was written by men. They began their “gotcha” argument with the tired old question: “Who wrote the Bible?” I told them the Holy Spirit used men to write the Bible, which is the answer they expected and thought by making me say it, it would expose the ignorance of such a statement. I cannot remember the exact dialog that took place but they insisted thinking God wrote the Bible, using men, was a preposterous notion. The young man began to throw other objections out about things in the Bible that he thought anyone would be an idiot to believe. Questions like: “You don’t believe Adam and Eve were the first humans, do you?” (Add sarcasm when you read that question.) I told him I sure did and asked him how he knew they were not. His reply was, “Nobody believes they were the first humans!” I assured him many people did and pressed him to tell me how he knew they were not. He never gave me an answer, outside of insisting nobody really believed it.

Then he moved on to, “There is no way Noah could have fit all the animals on the ark!” I asked him who said Noah put all the animals on the ark. He insisted the Bible says it. I had to let him know he was mistaken and that there were only 2 of every kind of animal on the ark, not every animal on earth. He had this weird look on his face, so I tried to clarify. I said, “you know, 2 of the cat kind, 2 of the dog kind, etc.” to which he just had a blank look.

Finally I asked him where life began, trying to turn the conversation and have him answer some questions, to which he said, he did not know. I asked him what his favorite piece of evidence to support his molecules to man evolution faith was and he began a little tap dance. I pressed him to give me just one saying, “surely you can come up with at least one to support something you so strongly believe in!” He could not produce even one.

After I saw that I was getting nowhere, I decided to just end the conversation. I wanted to give one more attempt to help him see the flaw in his original argument before I did. I asked him where he learned his information. He ga
ve no response, so I clarified and asked him if he learned from books at school, to which he kind of agreed. So he trusts books that were written by men that contradict the Bible but his reason for not trusting the Bible is that it was written by men? He couldn’t see that he was not applying his standard consistently to all books.

I finally said, “so, you do not know where life came from, you have no evidence to support your belief in evolution and you really do not know anything because by your own standard for written material, everything you have learned from books is false because they were all written by men (humans). I cannot remember if he accepted a Gospel tract, but I hope he at least left questioning why he believed what he believed.

Over the last few weeks, thousands havUGA Bamae heard the Gospel preached and hundreds of Gospel tracts have been placed in the hands of football fans and college students. Not just at UGA but all across the country we have brothers and sisters doing the same thing at football games. Please pray for them! Tomorrow is another home football game at UGA, which I will be at, Lord willing, with some other brothers to preach the Gospel and give away Gospel Tracts. If you want to join us, email me at! Would love to see you there!


Thanks for your partnerships in prayer and financial support! I couldn’t do it without you!

Until All Hear!Me2



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