Opening Weekend!


The Lord has given me several opportunities this past week.  He allowed me to teach Bible study Wednesday night at church, got to share the Gospel in Athens Friday night and before the first home game on the bridge by Sanford Stadium.  I also had the privilege to teach the youth Sunday school class on Sunday.

Along with that busy week God provided me with the time to prepare and still get a little rest and relaxation in, with this being a long weekend.  Although we were scheduled to be off for Labor day my generous boss also let us off on Friday which was a huge blessing.

Teaching the adult Bible study at church was probably the most scary of the things I was able to do.  Although I have taught classes in church before and have even been a youth pastor, I am more familiar with standing on the street corner and sharing the Gospel, so I was a bit out of my current comfort zone.  

Friday night I arrived downtown with Ryan, Mike and Nathaniel arriving shortly afterward.  They began passing out tracts and striking up conversations with passers by as I began to preach and share the Gospel.  One young lady walked by and yelled, “Religion doesn’t exist!” which was a first for me.  I have never heard anyone proclaim that before, and it is one of the most ridiculous claims a person could utter.  We see religion everywhere.  You have the Evolutionists, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, Jews and on and on, so to say religion does not exist must mean, she just wanted to say something to try to offend or she was one of those, “we’re not really here” people who thinks everything is just an illusion.


A bit later a young man came by and announced he had committed 9 homosexual acts and asked me what he needed to do.  I must clarify here that it was pretty obvious that he really wasn’t interested in what he needed to do but was only attempting to be disruptive but I told him he needed to repent and trust the Savior, because we do not know the heart of man.  After a minute I said, “You don’t really care do you?” to which he replied, ”I don’t give a @#$&!”  I Assured him I cared about him and pleaded with him to repent and trust Jesus but he walked on.  I think it was Ryan who had given him a tract so I asked him to please put it in his pocket and read it later but I’m pretty sure it went into the trash can.

After I finished, Nathaniel began preaching and the rest of us continued passing out Gospel tracts.  A young man walked by with a cross hanging around his neck so I asked him why he wore it.  That’s really a great conversation starter and I’ve gotten all sorts of answers ranging from “It’s just cool” to “Because my mom’s a preacher”, but this young man had a pretty good answer.  He said he wore it because Jesus was his Lord and Savior and had forgiven him of all his sins.  He was with some other people and his sister kind of snickered when he told me so I said, “that’s a good answer but is it an honest answer?”  He got this almost embarrassed look on his face and told me that it was an honest answer but he felt like he had been slipping lately.  I encouraged him to run to Jesus and assured him I would be praying for him.  About this time another young man with them jumped in and said, “pray for me too!”  so I agreed to do so and they went on their way.  You never know what kind of conversation will grow out of simple question.

The next day at the UGA game Scott and I preached and gave away Gospel tracts for a couple of hours.  Many people heard the Gospel and received Gospel tracts.  We had several people come by and give us words of encouragement telling us they were glad we were there.  That is always a welcome blessing because it can be discouraging at times, when20150905_093151 our focus gets a little cloudy and we start looking at what we do from a human perspective.  If I can be honest, on this Saturday,  as I was passing out tracts, the destructive thought of wondering if I was doing any good ran through my tired brain.  Almost immediately a young man came by and told me he saw us there every Saturday and really appreciated us being there.  God sends His saints to encourage when we need it and that young man had no idea how God used him to rid me of that thought of doubt.  I’m glad he is blessed by the sharing of the Gospel and thankful God sent him to get me out of my semi-pity party. 🙂  

Please pray for the ones that received tracts and heard the Gospel!

Thank you all for your prayers and financial gifts to support the ministry of Until All Hear!

Until All Hear!




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