Twilight Part 1. Friday April 24, 2015

The annual twilight race in Athens, GA was last weekend.  I was blessed to be able to go downtown on Friday and Saturday night to share the Gospel.  Friday was much like any other Friday night on the Corner of College and Clayton.  We preached, gave away Gospel tracts and had some one on one conversations.  While Saturday was a little out of the norm, due to the race, I will post about it later.   For now we will talk about Friday night.  Look for later posts with more about Friday Friday and Saturday night as well.


While someone else was preaching I was approached by a young man who, after we got beyond his initial reason for stopping, said he was a Christian but struggled with some doubts.  We had a wonderful conversation about evolution vs creation and speaking in tongues.  We talked about whether or not God could have used evolution as His creative mechanism.  While John(not his real name) thought it was reasonable, as we talked through the idea and how it would have required death before the fall which does not align with the word of God, he acknowledged that it was unlikely God used evolution.  After talking a while he confessed that one of his big problems was he had never spoken in tongues.  We also talked through the process, for lack of a better word, of salvation and hopefully he was a little less confused on the teaching that tongues is a part of salvation, which it is not.

Another young man walked up, Jay(not his name either), who went to the Church of Christ and was upset about the open air preaching.  After he calmed down a bit we had a discussion about baptism and its role in salvation(The Church of Christ teaches baptism as being essential to salvation). I explained that baptism was simply a public profession of what Christ had done in the believer and not a part of salvation.  He was very receptive to what I had to say.

It is interesting, and I just realized this, That John and Jay both had been taught two different unbiblical teachings about salvation.  I’ll take that as being a divine appointment to help these young men better understand the Gospel, tongues and baptism.

Both of these men began our conversations because they had issues with the open-air preaching.  At the time I thought I was there to explain to them why we do what we do and what it is meant to accomplish, but in hind-sight it may have more likely been to help them with the above issues.

We did discuss Open-Air preaching and I addressed their issues with it, but if not for the preaching, we would not have even had a conversation.  They didn’t realize it but the very thing they stopped to protest against was the catalyst of our conversations, where they hopefully got some answers to their real issues.

Until All Hear!



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