Good Friday or Halloween: Dog-Boy, Horse-man and the Genius with Special Guest heckler the Scary Pastor Woman

Well you expect odd things to happen on Halloween, but on Good Friday?                 Actually you never know what might happen in Athens on any given Friday night.

Scott Good Friday  Scott pleading with a young man to repent and trust Christ!


This is not about a circus side show act with a half dog and half boy attraction. It is rather about a guy with a dog that was a little frazzled with me for telling people they, like the rest of us, have a sin problem.  Trying to help people understand why Good Friday was necessary, I went all the way back to Genesis, when God created man and woman.  After reading chapter 3 I was trying to explain how the need for Good Friday began “in the beginning” and this guy with a dog began calling me names and yelling for me to shut up and get off of the corner.  I was accused of the usual:  Judging, trying to force my beliefs on people etc., if I remember correctly.  Some of the exact language escapes me, but he was upset, to say the least, and I do distinctly remember him yelling at me to stop telling people what they did not want to hear.  Not sure how he knew what every person there did and did not want to hear but anyway…  I attempted to explain to him that I was trying to help him out and that he needed to hear what I was saying but he wouldn’t listen.  A couple of the other guys tried to reason with him but he just wanted to left alone with his sin, I guess.  I do not know his name but please pray for him!

I wonder if he would have been that upset if I had been yelling, “Roll Tide!”.  I mean, I am 99% positive the folks at the home of UGA do not want to hear that, but I’m not sure the guy would have been as angry about a Bama fan yelling Their battle Cry as he was about someone telling him about Jesus.  I say 99% because I met a guy a little later who was from Birmingham and was a Bama fan.  Oh, his name was Alex as well. 🙂

Anyway, the Dog-Boy eventually went away mad and I continued with what I was doing.


As Peter was preaching, a guy wearing a horse head walked up and just stood there. Horse-Man Another guy tried to talk to him but he would not speak.  Then again, most horses do not talk.  I say most because I distinctly remember seeing Mr. Ed on TV and he talked all the time.

I was wondering if he was actually TV- Head guy from a few months earlier.  TV Head GuyHe wouldn’t talk either, until he got really mad.  Anyway he too eventually moved on as well.

The Genius

This guy was so smart, and had so much to say, he had to use filthy language as filler for all of his sentences.  Personally I believe if you cannot get your point across without using potty mouth, then you really do not have anything to say, worth hearing.  In reality it kind of reveals ignorance, which is the opposite, more or less, of being a genius, but the guy said he was a genius, and I’m sure he wouldn’t lie. 🙂

He was really obnoxious and called me an idiot, in a more colorful way, many times during our conversation so I decided to be a little hard on him, in an attempt to get his attention.  I told him he might be Be a genius but he was very rude and unwise.  This actually seemed to strike a chord with him and he told me his dad always told him he was unwise.  I thought we were getting somewhere as I shared with him about his sin problem and that he needed to repent and trust Jesus but he just kind of deflected and began to ask me why Jesus didn’t help him out.  Why He allowed his dad to beat his mom etc.  That might have been an honest question, which I did try to help him with, but to honest, I’m not sure it was because he had already told me several thing and then admitted they were not true.  It had began to rain during our conversation and I was pretty soaked by now so I gave him a tract and noticed Bobby and Scott were also ready to call it it a night, or a morning.  It was about 1:30 by now.

Scary Pastor Woman

Although I had not noticed, Scott and Bobby had been talking with about 3 or 4 People who said they were Christians and then I noticed the guest heckler, the Scary Pastor Woman.  She began to yell out to all of Athens and apologize for us on behalf of all Christians.  Just so you know, if I embarrass you or you think I give Christians a bad name, Athens has been apologized to for me and the other guys. 🙂

My only real contact with the group was at the very end.  Like I said, I had been in a conversation with the Genius while this conversation was going on.  Anyway, the guy with them, who I think was the pastor woman’s husband, asked me where I went to church.  I told him and he pointed his finger at me and said, ” I’ll make sure I NEVER send anyone to that church!”  I think I was out of grace by then, after dealing with the Genius so I asked him why he wanted to assume he knew me and passed judgment on me.  He tried to answer and I said, “we have never even had a conversation and you want to judge me?”  He said, “I might have judged you.”  I had to reply, (I said I  was out of grace), “it’s not, “you might have judged me”, you did judge me!”  He admitted he did and told me he was just so frustrated.  He never told me what he was frustrated about, but I kind of figured it out.

Remember the Genius? Well he was still lingering, yelling, cussing, and blaspheming God and one of the women with this group, in very aggressive fashion, yelled out that Steven (aka: the Genius) was chosen by God!  Then I figured out why her hubby was so frustrated.  Apparently they were some of those, “You’re doing this all wrong” brothers and sisters that thought they would go out this one time on Good Friday and relate to, and just love on people and didn’t like what Bobby and Scott had to say.  Even many Christians will rebuke you for telling people that without Christ they will spend eternity in Hell.

I do not understand how anyone can claim to Love people and yet be willing to sacrifice their souls to hell by withholding the truth.  Then again, if they tell them the truth there is a good chance they will not be able to get them to come to their church where, in all likelihood, they will not hear it either, because then those who are there would leave and go some other place where they could feel more comfortable in their unrepentant state.

There is more to tell but I’ll stop here.  Many folks heard the Gospel through preaching and one on one conversations with others receiving Gospel tracts.  Thanks for reading and please pray for Athens!

2015-04-04 18.01.17My soaked self, driving home, pondering the night’s happenings.

Until All Hear!



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