Satan-ites and the Flying Trash Can.

Friday February 27, 2015, Athens, GA


This night was a little slow, as far as foot traffic goes.  The temperature was in the mid 30s, which did make preaching a bit of a challenge, with a frozen face and breathing the cold air.  Not a lot happened, to speak of, but many heard the Gospel and some received Gospel Tracts.

Two things really stand out on this night and they both happened when Scott was preaching.  First a young lady came up and attempted to slap him.  I’m not sure why but I think it was because she didn’t want to hear what he had to say.  After that, one of the city’s garbage trucks came down the street and right at the corner where we were a trash can flew off of the truck and bounced/slid down the road toward the sidewalk.  It traveled behind Scott and came to rest right at the crosswalk.  Nobody was injured by the rogue trash can, it was just strange to see it happen.  It was almost as if the garbage truck was possessed with the young lady that wanted to hit Scott and was carrying out her desires for her.  I certainly do not believe that was the case, but it was interesting timing.

The primary theme of the night, if there was one, was the phrase, “hail satan!”, which was yelled out by what had to be a record number of people.  Usually, you might hear that once or twice a night but on this night I heard it over a half dozen times.  To be fair, most of these kids probably say this just to harass, because it is the polar opposite of our message of Christ and His Gospel.  Some may say it to express their unbelief in God and satan, and some may very well be satan worshipers, but whatever the case, for the lost, they are children of the devil (1 John 3:10) and I am sure he is pleased with them whether they are sincere or just attempting to take a stab.

There was a young man that gave a homeless man what appeared to be a dollar and then told us we needed to be helping the homeless out like he did.  This is kind of comical at times because along with this usually comes something like, “Stop yelling at people and judging them!  You should be helping the homeless!”  Now, a person being homeless isn’t funny nor is a lost person attempting to justify himself by giving a dollar to a homeless person funny.  What is comical is the hypocrisy that many seem to be oblivious to.  In judging our actions to be wrong they are, in fact, doing the same thing they accuse us of; judging people.

The last person I spoke with was one of those who asked a variation of the tired old argument.  “What is your ultimate goal by being out here?”  Just by the way he asked I could tell (after hearing it so many times it gets easy to spot) he was really saying we shouldn’t be doing what we do.  After talking with him a few minutes I sent him on his way with the Gospel in his pocket.  I pray he reads it, repents and trusts Christ.

Until All Hear!




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