Things I’ve Either Learned or had Reinforced in the Last 4 Days.

My wife, Kim, has been in Alabama for about 4 days now.  She went back for the funeral of her best friend’s dad, who passed away last Sunday.  Please pray for his family as they grieve their loss.  While she was away I had to make sure everything got accomplished in day to day, life here at the Burt home.  I arranged to take my lunch from work at the time my son got out of school so I could pick him up.  While this was fine with my employer, it had me in a time crunch all week due to the specific tasks I had to accomplish for work.  It was just an unusually hectic week at work, which was perfect timing, if you like Chaos.

Now, for what I learned:

I learned a little bit about how tough it must be for single parents.  My daughter is 20 so she can function and get where she needs to be without help.  My son, on the other hand, is 15 and still requires a taxi service for his daily commute.  With that being said, I cannot imagine if they were both, say 10 or even 7.  My hat’s off to single moms and dads everywhere!  You have a tough life with much responsibility, and I applaud you!

What was reinforced:

I was reminded of how mature and responsible my daughter, Kaitlyn has become.  She was a tremendous help cooking and helping me get her brother to and from school, when she didn’t have to work.  I knew she had become a fine young lady, but with her mom being gone, it became more pronounced.  Thank you Sweetie!

I was also reminded how blessed I am to have a son who obeys and never really causes me grief.  He is a boy, but overall he is a great young man.  I am reminded of how fast he is growing up every time I hug him.  Seems like last week I was reaching down to pick him up and hold him.  Now, he is very close to being as tall as I am.

I was also reminded of how much Kim means to me and the kids.  Not just because she cooks, cleans and makes sure we are all where we need to be, when we need to be there, but because we love her and are not complete without her.  She is the source of laughter in the house that is sorely missed when she is away.

It is interesting how God has placed us together and how each of us brings something different to the family.

Kim, as I said above, is the happy and laughter in our family.  Admittedly, I do not laugh enough and Kim fills that gap.  She is happy 95-99 % of the time and always finds something to laugh about.  Even when she has a health issue, she will joke and laugh about it.

Kaitlyn has passion, which is a trait I very much admire.  It may cause us to have some fairly heated discussion but I so admire her passion.

Luke brings the calm and laid back feeling to the family.  I get impatient and God uses Luke to help me learn to be patient with others.

What I was reminded of most of all is that God has blessed me with a wonderful family, I certainly do not deserve.  We are not perfect, by no stretch of the imagination, but we are family!


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