Where is the Passion?

I see passion over the Nevada rancher by those who feel as though the government is overstepping their bounds and infringing on the rights of the citizens.


Not agreeing or disagreeing with the issue, only recognizing the passion Americans have when they feel one of their fellow citizens is treated unfairly by their government. That’s what makes our nation what it is, in large part.

Oh that we would have that same type of passion over the government infringing on the rights of the unborn! To see citizens stand in the gap for the little ones who cannot speak for themselves!


What if the government seized the cattle and killed them? would you be outraged? Many of us would be, and probably rightfully so.

How much more should we be outraged at the fact that our government supports(with our tax money) and even promotes the slaughter of over 3500 unborn babies EVERY DAY? Where is our compassion and passion for the wrongs committed against these????

I know that you may be thinking, “Does this guy really have to turn everything into a rant against abortion?” When I see outrage at injustice, I probably do, because there is so little outrage against the biggest injustice in the history of our nation. Yes, it’s worse than slavery, worse than making people sit a certain place or drink out of a segregated fountain, as terrible as all of that was. Worse than all of the men who have been killed in all of our wars. Worse than the injustice served up to our native American brothers.

57,000.000 babies have been killed in the name of convenience, women’s rights, medical procedure, and choice, and yet most of us remain silent, turning a blind eye as though it’s none of our business. Abortion is murder and our nation, which is made up of us, is guilty. How do you feel about Hitler’s killing of 6,000,000 Jews? I hope you are disgusted by it. German citizens who had death camps in their back yards claimed ignorance. The GI’s, that found the camps, found that very hard to believe and were pretty certain the citizens were not being honest. 
I find it hard to believe we do not know what is going on in our neighborhoods. I find it even harder to believe that the women, who are taking their babies into these murder houses, do not know what they are doing. They have been taught that it’s only a lump of cells, and as a social worker informed a friend, it’s not even a human until it’s born, but do they really not understand?

Ever heard a woman who just found out she was pregnant say, “I’m having a fetus!” or “I’m having a lump of cells!”?  Me neither!



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