The Tate Center, University of Georgia campus, Monday September 16, 2013

I arrived, at the Tate Center, shortly after 10:00 A.M.  My partner in crime, Bobby McCreery, had not arrived, so I began giving away the Gospel, in the form of Gospel tracts, to students as they walked through the Tate Center.   After giving away about 150 tracts I decided to go over and speak with the students manning the Student Democratic Party table. 

I asked a nice young man what his favorite thing about the Democratic Party was.  Much to my surprise, not really, he drew a blank.  I decided to try the other end of the spectrum and asked him what he liked least about the party.  He didn’t have an answer for that either.  He went on to inform me that he was kind of middle of the road and liked their liberal economic policy, :/, but did not like the gun legislation.  So he wants to keep his guns but also wants the government to give him freebies, I guess.  I left him with a WW2 Intelligence Test tract, telling him it might address one of his liberal beliefs.

Bobby had arrived, so I joined him, over by the book store, and continued to distribute Gospel tracts.  After I noticed the young Democrat table had a new crew, I decided to go over and talk to another student.  This time I approached a young African American girl and asked her the same question.  I honestly do not remember if she ever answered the question.  I did ask her if she knew how the Democratic Party began, but she only knew that the views of the Republican party and the Democratic party had kind of reversed in the last few decades.

I reminded her that Andrew Jackson was one of the early members of the party, having its first convention in 1832 during his bid for re-election.  I also reminded her that Jackson was a slave owner and was against freeing the slaves.  The parties official stance was that each state could decide whether or not they wanted to be a slave or free state.  The young lady continued to contend that the party view had changed over the years.

I moved on to current issue.  I asked her how she felt about abortion and she said, personally, because she was a Christian, she would not have an abortion, but did not think we should force that on others.  To help her see the inconsistency of her position, I gave her an analogy.  I asked her if she would be ok with a mom taking her 6 month old baby, that she had decided she did not want, to a clinic to have it killed, if such a clinic existed.  She adamantly said, “No!”.  I asked her if it was ok for a mother to take her 6 week old baby into a clinic and get rid of it with an abortion, if she didn’t want it.  She said that we shouldn’t judge that decision.  To clarify, I said, “So, it’s ok to judge a woman that takes her 6 month old to get it killed, but not ok to judge a woman who takes her 6 week old child to have it killed?”  She continued to say that this was a tough issue. I told her that it was not really that difficult and the only difference between the 6 month old baby and the 6 week old baby was size and location.  She appeared to be thinking about the matter, so I left her with one thought.  I told her that our current president is the most pro abortion president in our nation’s history and that he actually asked God to bless Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation.  She had a look of disbelief, and said nothing. 

After pleading with her to consider these things, I left her with a WW2 Intelligence Test tract from Living Waters.  Join me in praying that this young Christian will have her eyes opened to the evil of abortion and stops supporting a party that not only turns a blind eye to this American holocaust, but actually 


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