My Christian Life Part I – “The Pretender”

In 1997 I was a member of a small Baptist Church on Lookout Mountain, in Fort Payne, AL. In September of 1997, we were having revival meetings. I was only able to attend three of the five meetings because of school on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Monday night I left the meeting feeling very troubled. Something inside was telling me I was not right with God. How could this be? I was a Sunday school teacher, so there was no way I was not saved1.

At the Wednesday night meeting I was feeling really confused. The only thing I remember the preacher saying that night was at the end of his sermon. Gesturing with his index finger and thumb he said, “If you have this much doubt”. The next thing I remember is that I was down at the alter with the preacher’s father, who was himself a retired pastor. The pastor took me through the gospel, which I had heard many times. I had even explained it to other people myself. For some reason it all clicked. I knew at that moment that I had been pretending. Then and there I apologized to the Savior, repented of my sins, asked Him to forgive me, and placed all of my trust in Him and Him alone. At that point God began to ruin my life…in a good way.

The lesson to learn here is that salvation can never be based on being a member of any church. If your testimony sounds something like, “I have been a member of this church since I was eight”, there might be a problem. If your salvation is based on your church and not the Savior, you might need to really do some soul searching. Please do this. Do not go through life like I was. Looking back I think I always knew deep down that I was not born again1. My pride was keeping me from admitting that I was pretending. What would people think if they found out that I wasn’t a Christian? Remember, people aren’t your judge, Jesus is and He already knows the truth. Please if you have not repented and trusted the Savior, DO IT!…TODAY. The Bible says that today is the day of salvation.

Until All Hear!


2 thoughts on “My Christian Life Part I – “The Pretender””

  1. Alex, can you tell me where you bought the folding step stool pictured on you home page? I need to get a new one for OA.

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