Another Day in Bizarro World!

I was meeting Alex and Bobby at the bus stop in front of gate 2 at Sanford stadium for ministry. I had 1400 “After the Game” Gospel tracts and Bobby and Alex were going to read scripture and preach. As God would have it I ran into them in Athens about a block from campus so we were able to walk to the stadium together and have some fellowship time.

We arrived at the bus stop and set up to begin. Alex began reading scripture as Bobby held his “Are You Ready” cross and offered tracts to passing fans.

I stood at the top of the stairs that lead from the student center to the stadium giving Gospel tracts to passing fans. I make a point of welcoming the visiting fans to Athens and try to make them feel welcome. I guess you could say I try to exercise my “southern hospitality”. I never thought we would be able to give away 1400 tracts but God was good. We were completely out well before kick-off.

After we had been there about an hour a ticket scalper came close to where we were trying to sell some tickets. He began to say things like “JESUS SAYS YOU SHOULD BUY THESE TICKETS”, “GET AWAY FROM THESE JESUS FREAKS” and other things that I will not mention here. As he was doing this Bobby was preaching and openly told the man that he should be ashamed about what he was doing. If you would have heard him I think you would agree. Eventually Bobby was able to have a conversation, of sorts, with the scalper. As they were talking I was continuing to give Gospel tracts to fans when I heard the man yell “I HOPE YOU $#@!*&% burn in Hell forever!” at Bobby. Eventually the man went on his way and we continued with the task at hand.

Later Bobby told me that the ticket scalper had claimed to be an Episcopalian Chaplain.

Just another day in “Bizarro World”!

Preach On!

…Until All Hear!



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