Ken preaches the Gospel to Barbie Open Air

This is a blog I posted on the Ambassadors’ Alliance site Monday, October 6th 2008
The event actually happened several years ago.
I just wanted to remember this time with my little girl. She’s not so little anymore but seems like it was just last week we played Barbie together.

We were all sitting around the dinner table this past weekend kind of reminiscing about our children’s younger years. My wife Kim reminded us of an incident that I had forgotten about. When our daughter was about 8 or 9 she and I were in her room playing with Barbie dolls. I know, but for some reason she always wanted daddy to play Barbie dolls with her. So being a good daddy (who was secure in his manhood, by the way J) I humbled myself and did it. My only requirement was that I got to be Ken. J

We got the doll house out. She also had a car (a corvette I think). We got the dolls out dressed them all up and so the fun began. Now you may not know this but Ken is a Street Evangelists. Therefore when he came over to Barbie’s house he immediately noticed the nice house, the Corvette, and all of the fine stuff she had. He was then obligated to share the gospel with her because it was apparent that she was very worldly and there was no way she could be a Christian. Ok, I said Ken was a Street Evangelist, I didn’t say his theology was perfect. J

Ken began to preach the gospel open air in front of Barbie’s house. She was not very receptive. Barbie (played by my daughter) got a little hostile because she just wanted to have fun. She didn’t want to get preached to because it was making her feel bad about herself. You can understand that can’t you? After all she is the perfect woman. She’s beautiful, smart, and has all sorts of nice stuff. She has the perfect life. Why would she need to listen to preaching?
She was a perfectly good person. God had to be pleased with her or she would not have been so blessed. Right? You see Barbie is so much like the typical American today. They think they are good and if they do go to church they only go to be entertained or to have their self esteem messaged, so that they leave there feeling good about self.

Anyway, Barbie was greatly offended at the law and the gospel. Was Ken wrong for “forcing” religion on her? When he noticed her being offended did he think maybe he should have shut up, because he might be pushing her away from Jesus. Maybe Barbie had some friends that were Christians and they would just live their lives before her and she would want what they had. Or maybe she would hear about the church down the street that has the motorcycles jumping over the pastor and she would go there because she really loves motorcycles.

It would appear that Ken was being rude and unkind (to the naked eye).
But was he really being unkind?

I saw a couple of drunk, cussing “Christians” heckling an open air preacher friend of mine Saturday night. They called him a hypocrite and a jerk and then told him he shouldn’t be judging these people. I think I learned something. I learned that calling people hypocrites, jerks and accusing them of judging people isn’t being judgmental. On the other hand showing someone their need of the Savior by telling them about the law (because you do not want them to go to hell) is judgmental, hypocritical and makes one a jerk.

The only reason I am not more amazed at the extent to which people will go to justify their sin is because I too once did that very thing.

It’s an honor to serve such a patient, loving, kind, holy, and righteous God!


2 thoughts on “Ken preaches the Gospel to Barbie Open Air”

  1. Your friend should be happy. To be persecuted and ridiculed for our Savior is the ultimate glorification of our Lord. We do indeed serve a patient, loving, kind holy and righteous God. I am humbled at His incredible love and grace for the lowly sinner that is me. He love me, He love me! By His wounds I am healed and dead to my former self at long last. Serving my God is my purpose. I pray that I serve in His will and by His hand and not by my flesh.

  2. Shalom,
    Pastor, Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ . I pray that this humble,friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.
    God,s minister, God has invested enough message of salvation in you to get out of your country to go all over the world to preach the gospel and win more souls to Christ.
    God has called you out of many, chosen you ,anointed you and approved you for his great Job.
    Pastor, you are God,s special workmanship.psalm 139,says that God knew you before you were formed in your mother,s womb!
    pastor, your greatest blessings began when God said,He created you in his image in Genesis 1;26, everything you put your hands to, is going to prosper.
    Pastor, you are so precious to the Lord,silver and gold was,nt enough.God wanted to purchase you with something more valuable than any precious mental or He used the blood of Jesus Christ.
    Surely, in everything we do,we believe in positive changing and affecting the lives of people who we are constantly working towards inspiring change.
    Pastor, working together is to fruitful growth and maturity in the Lord among us.
    My good friend, we are thanking God that we are connected to an anointing servant ,ministry ,who are committed in spreading the GOOD NEWS of spreading a salvation message and win more souls and many to LOVE Jesus Christ .
    We are requesting you to pray for us, send us teachings and we invite you to visit us here in AFRICA for Revival and Reformation seminars.
    May the Lord be with you when you consider our request.
    Pastor Stephen oyaro

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