College Football Championship Weekend

  The college football championship game has become somewhat of a 3 day event. Similar to the NFL experience on Super Bowl weekend, there are activities, concerts and the like on Saturday and Sunday before the the game on Monday. So, I made the decision to come out of my sinus infection slumber and go […]

Football Season 2017

I have been terrible at doing blog updates so I want to summarise last fall. We were able to get to all of the UGA home games this season and I also rode up to Knoxville with some of the guys to meet Bill Adams for the UGA vs Tenn game. We also had the […]

MS State vs UGA September 23, 2017 Kick off was around 7:00pm so we arrived about 4:00 to set up on the bridge. Bobby, Hannah, Lydia, Rich, Mike, Chike and myself, began preaching and handing out Gospel tracts. We didn’t seem to have as many conversations as we did last week but every week is […]

The Living Martyr

As I was teaching Bible Study on Wednesday night, I was reminded of a thought I have been pondering for a while. We were studying Genesis Chapter 18 where the Lord came to visit Abraham and Sarah, telling them that in a year they would have a son. The last portion of the chapter records […]