Pray for Babies and Souls!

I was off work this week so I decided to join some brothers in their ministry at Planned Parenthood in Lawrenceville, GA on Tuesday and then at the Planned Parenthood in East Atlanta on Wednesday.

Although this was not my first time to be at the murder mill in Lawrenceville, it was my first time at the mill in Atlanta. In Lawrenceville you will see young women going into Planned Parenthood. Some for the RU-486 and some for other services like birth control. Even if they are not there to kill their baby, doing business supports this horrendous organization keeps the monster fed. 

In Atlanta, it was a bit different. There were some counter-protesters, if you will. One guy brought a generator and a pretty large sound system out to try and drown out the preaching with music and a young woman exclaiming, “We support ALL women!”. Others would follow the guys with signs around and try to cover them up with umbrellas and pro-baby murder signs.  

They were singing and dancing, in celebration of a place of death, while they should have been mourning and crying out to God for forgiveness. It was a real sad display of the wickedness in the human heart. It is hard to believe people can not only be indifferent but actually celebrate the murder of babies. I wonder, if they were killing puppies, would these people have the same level of enthusiasm and celebration. 

They all heard the Gospel multiple times on Wednesday, so I am glad they were there. Please pray for these poor blind people. Pray that God will open their eyes to see and their ears to hear!

Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. 2 Cor. 5:20

Until All Hear!

The Intolerant Tolerant

You see it more and more. People who claim to be open-minded and tolerant of everyone are some of the most intolerant people you will ever meet. They may boast of being accepting of all religious views, for example, but will quickly attempt to shut down the Christian view that Jesus is the only way to be reconciled to God. Can a person really be accepting of all religions, outright reject the claims of Christ and still claim He is one way of many? I recently met a young lady who thought so.

When she was told that Jesus said He was the ONLY way to get to the father, (Be reconciled to God), She went ballistic. She had just said that she respected all religions, but immediately rejected the very words of Christ.  The only assumption that could be made is that she considered Jesus to be a liar, right? Not so fast. She refused to say He was a liar but would not accept what He said, insisting that He was one way, but not the only way.

When she asked about Jews and Muslims and was told that anyone regardless of religion that did not repent and trust Christ would go to hell, she declared us to be islamophobic, anti-semitic and threatened to call the police. Now that may sound ridiculous, and in a logical world it would be, but it actually shed some light on how a person can:

  1. Claim to respect a religion.
  2. Claim what the Leader of that religion said is false.
  3. Refuse to call Him a liar.

In her worldview, no opinion is valid, but her own, yet she claims all opinions are valid. As long as you do not disagree with her, she is tolerant of you and your view. The moment you disagree, she becomes very intolerant of you and your view, even to the point of saying you are ignorant and have a phobia problem. The reality is, and many do not seem to operate in reality, she was accusing others of the thing she was guilty of.

This self-proclaimed tolerant person is only tolerant of her worldview, rejecting all others, even God’s. To say Jesus was telling a falsehood would make her own tolerance claim false. If she acknowledged Jesus’ claim was true, she would refute her own claim that all religions are valid. She can’t have it both ways, but she claims she can. 

UMASS vs UGA Saturday November 17, 2018

It was a beautiful day at Sanford Stadium on Saturday. We were blessed to have 8 men out today to spread the Gospel.  We had over 3 solid hours of Gospel preaching with Sam, Jamie, Peter, Scott and Chike preaching from just before 1PM until just after 4PM.


Those who weren’t preaching were involved in tract distribution and one on one conversations, as God gave opportunity. Every week Jamie, who I have learned never meets a stranger, engages the young Mormon elders in a gospel conversation. I pointed out to him that not only are they hearing the Gospel but he is also keeping them from spreading the false gospel of Mormonism, so that is a double blessing.


This is the first Game Peter has been able to get out to due to his recent health issues. It was great to have him and his two sons, Jarod and Jonah, join us. It’s always great to see young men out in the highways and hedges carrying on the mission.


We had men ranging in age from teenagers to the mid 50s. Generations of men who love the Lord and care for the lost! Last week we had even younger people out.  We are truly blessed with a great Athens team! Can’t express how thankful I am!

It’s impossible to estimate how many souls were exposed to the Gospel on Saturday, or on any given Saturday at Sanford. The venue is really special with the bridge kind of funneling everyone by our location. There was a steady stream of people walking across, with many just hanging around. The stadium holds around 93,000 and while not all of them come across the bridge, thousands do. Glory to God for His provision.

I’ll close with this.  Peter heard a man pass by who was talking with his companions. He made the remark that the preachers (us) had been out there since he went to school there. The impact of consistency is huge, so never quit, never give up!  Your work is not in vain! Reminds me of something I believe Bobby heard a young man say in downtown Athens a year or two back. He had seen the preachers on the same corner for 4 years and, if I remember correctly, was a doubter, and maybe even a heckler. He came by and told Bobby he was beginning to believe what we were saying was right.

I want to brag on my wonderful wife, Kim, who spends her Saturdays in Athens shuttling us to and from the stadium. She never complained when I asked her to take up that aspect of this ministry at the beginning of the season, but has served faithfully and has done everything we asked of her. She is my beautiful gift from God and I can’t begin to express how much I love and appreciate her!

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all mushy. 🙂

Until All Hear!


Auburn vs UGA 11.10.18

This appeared to be the largest crowd of the season. The traffic getting to the stadium was thicker than we have seen, as was the foot traffic on the bridge.

Today we had Jamie, Mike, Chike, Scott and myself on the team, as well as the entire McCreery family. Having them back with us was a huge blessing.

Jamie started the preaching, followed by Scott, Bobby and me, with Mike finishing off the day. As the preaching was going forth, the others were engaged in tract distribution and one on one conversations.

There were several people that passed by with encouraging words while others shouted profanities and scoffed, just as Scripture says will happen.

In between those two types of comments there were also those who claimed to be followers of Christ that rebuked us for preaching the Gospel. I say “claim” because the lady I have in mind, when asked how we were supposed to share the Gospel, replied, “ just be a good person”. When she was informed that was not what the Bible teaches but in fact says in Mark 16:15, “go and preach the Gospel to all creation”, she said that was just symbolic. That’s not to say she isn’t a believer, but what I saw from her really didn’t give me reason to think she was. I mean, the preaching of the Gospel was offensive to her and she seemed to think being a good person = sharing the Gospel, so I can’t say if she was or wasn’t. God knows.

Hundreds and possibly thousands were exposed to the Gospel on Saturday and we are thankful for that. Please join us in praying for those who heard the Gospel and received Gospel tracts!

Until All Hear!


Vandy vs UGA 10/6/18

We had a couple of visitors come in for outreach today. Bobby McCreery came over from Douglasville and Daniel Courney, who is in the states on furlough, drove over from Dallas, Ga.image.png

We also had the normal local team members, Rich, Chike, Jamie, along with myself. The crowd seemed to be smaller than last week when Tennessee was in town, but it was still a good crowd.


Many tracts were given away and the Gospel was preached for about 2.5 hours. Jamie began the preaching, followed by me and Daniel, with Bobby closing out the day. We had several people make statements but not many wanted to stop and discuss, which usually means they do not really have a case to argue. They are just lashing out. We also had some encouraging words, handshakes, etc. from believers, which is always nice.


There were also some good Gospel conversations.  For instance, I saw one taking place between Jamie and 3 young Mormons.


There were also others of varying lengths. We try to engage people as much as possible but often they are headed somewhere and do not want to take the time to stop and talk.

It was a great day of evangelism at Sanford.

Pray for those who heard and/or read the Gospel!

Go and preach the Gospel to all creation!

Until All Hear!



Tenn. vs UGA 9/29/18




Mike, Rich, Chike and I arrived at Sanford Stadium around 12:30 PM. Jamie was already there waiting and Sam arrived shortly after. We got set up and Mike spearheaded the preaching, as the rest of us gave away Gospel tracts and engaged people.At one point, as Mike was preaching, I saw Chike engaging a man in a Gospel conversation as Jamie and Rich prayed with another man. What a beautiful picture of ministry that was. We were able to give away several hundred tracts and several conversations took place, as the day went on. Had some encouragers come by with kind words along with a few hecklers.

Rich preached after Mike, speaking on misconceptions about God. I will post the link to the video below. Chike followed Rich, with his powerful voice and passion for the Gospel. I ended the preaching and finished up right at 3:30 which was kick-off time, and we packed up and headed to the DZ/PZ (Drop-off/Pick-up zone) 🙂

We had a great day of ministry, great weather and fellowship! Hundreds, if not a few thousand, heard or received the Gospel through preaching, conversations or Gospel tracts. Pray for Athens!

Blessed beyond measure!

Highlight Video

Chike’s preaching

Rich’s preaching

Alex’s preaching

Until All Hear!


Middle TN vs UGA 9/15/18

It was great weather for a football game, which means it was also great weather for evangelism.

We arrived at the stadium around 9:00 am and set up just a hundred feet or so from our usual spot from last season, which turned out to be a great spot. Week one we had tried the other end of the stadium but we wanted to move back closer to where we had been preaching for years, so we located a spot that gave us a little shade as well as kept our equipment safe and didn’t interfere with the fans looking to get a glimpse inside the stadium. We had Chike Uzuegbunam, Mike Asher, Scott Phillips and Jamie Smith out today. It was the first time Jamie had been out with us.

Many Gospel tracts went out, the Gospel was shared in one on one conversations and was preached for about 3 hours, finishing shortly after kick off. Mike, myself, Scott and Chike preached and gave away Gospel tracts as Jamie engaged people with conversations and Gospel tracts.

As always, we missed those who couldn’t be with us physically but we know they were praying for us, and we are very grateful for that!

We have an away game this coming week that we will not be traveling to, so we will take advantage of the break for some rest and family time.

Thanks to all the saints who support us in prayer and for those, whom we do not even know, that come by giving us encouraging words while we are out. I’m not sure if they really know what a blessing they are to us! Also I need to thank my wonderful wife, Kim, who spends her Saturdays dropping us off at the stadium and waiting around in Athens to pick us up. Love you bunches!

Here is a link to a video of some of the preaching.

Until All Hear!

Opening Day at Sanford Stadium


Rich, Chike, Scott and I were dropped off about 15 minutes from Sanford by my bride, Kim. Bobby has moved away so we had to find a new ride. Thanks to Kim for assuming that role!

Over the off season the stadium has also been renovated with a new scoreboard and a bit of a redesign on the bridge. Since the guardrail where we used to preach has been removed, we decided to try a new spot at the other end of the bridge.

It was a pretty good spot and had trees, which blessed us with shade. Even with that, it was a dry muggy afternoon. I do not remember feeling much of a breeze at any time.

Scott started us off in Ephesians, which I had also planned to preach from, but neither of us knew that. Great minds and all that, right? 🙂
When he began we had a few tech issues because someone (me) forgot to bring the antennas for the new amp. Fortunately, it still works without them, we just had to stay close to the amp.

When Scott was finished, Chike preached, then myself. We were able to preach for two and a half hours and gave away a lot of tracts.
We had some believers give encouraging words and a few foul mouthed folks hurling insults, but the Gospel went out to many people. We are very thankful for the opportunity to share with so many people.

Please pray for these fans and the fans across the nation who heard the Gospel today!

Until All Hear!

Human Rights Festival 2018-Athens, GA

There is a human rights festival every year in Athens. This years was typical, I suppose.

On Saturday it was, for all intents and purposes an LCBTQ fest, complete with drag queens and an MC that asked the crowd how many straight people, homosexuals, lesbians, tri-sexuals and freaks were in the audience, to cheers from the crowd. As the Professor (Rich) said, it was “a case study in Romans 1” on display right in front of us. Due to the noise level we did not preach but had signs speaking to the rights of the unborn. The signs generated some good conversations. I had one such conversation with a gentleman that seemed to be prompted, by my sign, to consider the rights of the unborn. It seems, in the good ole USofA, we have so “normalized” abortion and “de-humanized” the unborn that people have to be reminded the “fetus” is an actual human being before they can even rightly think about what abortion is, the murder of a child. Hopefully our presence, at least, created some thought in the minds of a society that has numbed itself to the plight of the unborn babies.


I had another long conversation with a man, his name escapes me, that was very reasonable but could not commit to unborn babies having the right to life, especially when it came to cases of rape. I agreed with him that it would be a tough situation but the question remains, should a child be executed for the crimes of his father?


On Sunday I was back at the festival with Rich, Chike and Mike. Bobby also stopped by for a few minutes after his return from Kentucky. Sunday was not like Saturday at all. There were bands and climate change speakers and also an open mic time where they gave people 3 minutes to talk about whatever they wanted. Rich actually had 3 minutes to share a bit about his journey from Atheist UGA professor to Christian Apologist. There was also a lady who spoke about how we have known that extraterrestrials have been visiting us since 1900 and that we have the technology to time travel. Like I said, 3 minutes to speak about anything you wanted.


There was a speaker who gave a lot of statistics, one of which was the number of people that would die due to climate change. Although I am no expert, I have to wonder how that can even be scientifically predicted, with any reasonable amount of accuracy. There was also a sign on the stage during the entire festival that read, “STOP ALL WARS”. Now that may seem like a good idea, but I think it implies and assumes a lot. First, it implies that there is no such thing as a just war. If they could speak, I believe there are 6 million or so jews that would beg to differ. The assumption is that ALL wars are evil and could, and should, be avoided. There is another implication that , as a veteran, I take offense to. Now, I’m not a snowflake and didn’t have to go find a safe place to cry through it, but I was offended by this sign because it also implies that all soldiers are warmongering murderers. I believe it is well known that nobody hates war more that a combat veteran. They have a first hand experience to speak from. When they say “we should never go to war”, I take that to heart, because they are speaking from an experiential position and not from an agenda driven one. I will say, the festival organizers certainly have a right to have the sign and think and say what they want.

Chike and I got to preach on the corner of College and Clayton during the festival on Sunday. I had a couple of ladies stop buy as I was preaching. One told me I should wear white instead of black because it shines the light better. Not sure what that really means. The other asked me if I thought the festival was all evil. I assured her that wasn’t the case, but did tell her that the Saturday night event was certainly a perversion of God’s design. She asked why and I explained that the entire night was a parade of homosexual perversion on the stage. She seemed puzzled, which puzzled me, since she had just told me a few minutes earlier that she was a minister. That’s a pretty broad term these days, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised.

The overall take away for me was that the event, at least for the hours I was there, totally ignored the unborn children we slaughter at the rate of over 3800 per day. They do not seem to have any rights, and yet, society demands special rights for the LGBTQ community.

Rich was correct. The festival, at least on Saturday night, was nothing more than Romans 1 on display.  

Footnote: I was informed by a person on the festival’s facebook page that there were in fact pro-life folks there and I believe they even had some time to speak from the stage. This had to have happened when we were not present, but I will take them at their word. I have no reason not to.

Until All Hear!

2 Corinthians 5:18-21